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24 Apr

The last few weeks have been super super busy for me. The week before last was initiation week for my sorority so we had things almost every night. We had history night, family night, sister share night and then initiation on Friday where we did secret sorority things. It’s a secret, you wouldn’t understand (that is an office reference for those of you who are fans). Then that Saturday I worked 7:00am-12:00 with Kelsey at the marina (I think one of the only people that doesn’t consume copious amounts of alcohol and smoke weed). Then that evening we had our Crown Formal which was nautical themed. I didn’t bring a date because all the guys here are royal douches. It was a lot of fun and we basically just danced the entire time because well it was a dance (if you were wondering yes, I am still a terrible dancer. There are some things College just can’t change). Then that Sunday we played a soccer game against Benedictine, my coaches twin brother’s team. I seriously wish I had taken a picture of them both standing on the sideline because it was hilarious because they are basically the same person.

Last Wednesday we had this thing called Jewellstock and it was AWESOME! There was copious amounts of food and cotton candy. They had a ton of inflatables, which I love and big wheeled tricycles. I just wish it was Jewellstock every day. Then Friday was Colloquium day and I had to go see a couple presentations so I went to a music one (Zac was in) and I went to one on homelessness in schools. If I didn’t have to do this for class I probably wouldn’t have, but it was good. Also Friday after practice we had to help with a Fundraiser which consisted of us basically sitting on a bench and watching people hit golf balls for 3 and a half hours. I hit a golf ball for the first time in my life and let me tell you I’m no Tiger Woods (because I suck and I didn’t have multiple affairs). I was supposed to get two people to come, but lets get real, I live in Independence, I don’t know anyone who golfs. The only person who would have gone was Tristan, but he had a track meet.

Saturday I went to my Sorority moms wedding and got some yummy cake and punch afterwards. It was very pretty and she looked beautiful. Then afterwards I went thrifting with Megan and Mary Ann. I found this awesome retro green fondue pot, a Patagonia wind breaker (thanks to guans), and a mirror with a cool frame which I plan to pinterest the shit out of (yes pinterest can be used as a verb). Then at 3:30 we had to meet at the maybee center to leave for our games in Iowa on Sunday. Let me tell you how cheap our school is, we took one 15 passenger van (I was on this with 14 other people and our stuff), one of the girls SUV that held 5 people and then our goalie coach drove separately, the ride was just such a joy. We went to one of our player’s houses that lives in Iowa and her family made dinner for us. It was so delicious, it was lasagna, baked ziti, fruit, veggies, olive garden breadsticks and salad, and tons of delicious deserts. I ate so much food. It was the bomb. Then we hung out there for a while. We watched Jefferson play guitar hero which was hilarious. First of all he doesn’t ever cuss so when he messed up he would yell “Bleep it”. Then he also was doing herkies (cheerleader things I don’t know how to spell it) while he was playing. On our way to our hotel we got separated from Jefferson who was driving the SUV because he’s kind of a maniac driver and Howard took an off ramp going way to fast and we seriously thought the van was going to tip (just imagine 14 girls screaming at the same time). When we finally got to the hotel it was really sketchy, there were atleast 20 people outside smoking and several sketchy people inside in the lobby. Usually there are 4 of us to a room, but since only 18 of us went it was only Stephanie and I in our room. When we walk in our room the sheets are messed up like someone had slept there and I guess I had a really nervous look on my face because I scared Steph and we practically ran out of there (thoughts of scary movies were running through my mind, like someone hiding in the shower). The coaches room was the same way, I guess they double booked the rooms so they started to look for a new hotel. We waited in the lobby while everyone else was in their rooms, besides the coaches. These are the group texts Jefferson sent out: “Evacuation plans are being considered… Standby”, “Move out!!”, “2 minutes to evacuate! Save yourself and your teammates”, and “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”. It was quite comical, but we ended up getting to stay in a Holiday Inn (that never happens) and we had a really good breakfast. Sunday we played Drake and we beat them 1-0 and we played Winona State and we lost 3-0, but our goalie was out so that played a factor in the second game. My mom, Kellan, Tristan, and Babs came to the game so I went home with them so I didn’t have to ride in the van and we walked around campus for a while because Tristan is thinking about going there.

I pulled my second legit all nighter Sunday night, studied all night for anatomy and then went strait to class at 7:45am. My end of the school year checklist still has way too many things on it, but I’m working on it.

May the odds ever be in your favor during finals week. I want to go Katniss Everdeen on my anatomy final, but I will probably end up more like rue, being ravaged by it.

Keep it Classy!


P.S. It’s almost summer! I can’t wait!!!

P.P.S. Sorry this is so long. Listen to Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men. It is awesome.

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