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Top This Morgan

30 Sep

So ya Northwest MissouriState is a SUPER HUGE BIGTIME THE SKY IS BLUE party school. But I go home on weekends alot and I dont want to party during the week even though theres people who do (around half my floor) so I had not been able to attend any partys until this last weekend.
Friday me Dylan(The Beard) and his roommate Ron along with Garret(A cowboy redneck from Nebraska) minus my roomate(went home for the weekend) went going to a rave,  It was in a trashed house that had blankets on every window so the Po Poes(Police) couldnt see inside. There were black lights everywhere, there was non-stop techno music playing the enitre night. I learned that people dont really drink that much at raves they just do drugs(alot of drugs). The entire house smelled like pot, everybody was writing on each other with highlighters, alot of people were barely clothed. Its hard to explain it but it was all that plus dancing and I think everyone there might of been High from second hand pot smoke. We left around 3am it was the most fun ive had so far. If you get a chance go to a Rave.

Saturday I got painted for the football game which we won 70-17 we are in first place and its so nice to actually go to a school with a winning football team(not william chrisman).

Then that night around 10 me Dylan, Ron, Garret, and Kate went to a Jungle Juice house party (Jungle Juice is Vodka or hard liquor mixed with fruit juice). It was kind of boring after a while it was just people sitting around and getting wasted. Dylan who was picking up girls and does not drink asked me if I would let Ron(his roommate) sleep in my room so he could have a girl he met over, I said why not. Ron at that point had drank 6 cups of Jungle juice he was wasted. I got bored at the party and left to go to a party with some peeps from the shirtless bearcats. At 2am Dylan called me saying he had a girl in his room (he is a manwhore) and he needed me to come get Ron from his room, and saying I was going to enjoy seeing Ron. When I got back to the dorm  and walked into Dylan and Rons room I could immediately tell that Ron was high as a freakin kite. Anything I said made him laugh. Dylan informed me that Ron had drank 8 cups of jungle juice and and then smoked pot for atleast a hour. After leaving Dylan and his girl, I took Ron to my room where he staired into the airconditioner for a good 5 minutes laughing and saying he felt like he was flying. Then I told him to do some sit-ups to sober up a bit (I needed entertainment), he then laughed and asked how to do a sit-up to which I said just sit-up which he did then fell over and passed out drunk for the night. The next morning there was a big wet spot on my carpet, when I asked Ron about he said he woke up in the middle of the night still drunk and poured a bottle of MY apple juice out on my carpet because he didnt want to drink from the bottle (smh child pleaze).

Peace to your shirts, Love to yo money, and Happyness to your rubber ducks
Live A Little

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