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Spring fever(s)

9 May

The reason why I didn’t blog last week was because I was still feeling like crap and was having recurrent fevers. All I basically did was go to class then sleep. When I got home Friday afternoon, it got really bad and I slept until my mom came back from work, which was about 9. I woke up radiating heat for pretty everywhere on my body. When I took my temp and saw that it was 104, I immediately had a crying break down because 1) I thought I was going to die, 2) I was/am tired of being sick FOR OVER A MONTH, probably more like 6 weeks-ish, 3) I was feeling really helpless 4) I had been on at least 2 antibiotics in the past month and was still “sick” 5) I just wanted to know what was going on. My mom makes a quick phone call to my Asian doctor and he says I should probably go to the ER. I’ve seen/talked to that man way too many times this month.

Anyway, so guess where I spent my Friday night/early Saturday morning at? Centerpoint ER. The nurse was a pretty funny bro and the doctor… well let’s just say he was pretty attractive. Anyway, I was pretty dehydrated so they ran an IV and I got some fluids. They also ran some tests but all of my results came back pretty much clean. But they said there’s a chance it could be autoimmune since my SED rate was kind of elevated.

I feel like I could be a patient on an episode of House. The title could be, “Girl with the Fevers” or something. Just kidding. But really, still don’t know what’s wrong with me. My fevers haven’t been as recurrent this week. And I’ll probably have to do some more testing this summer to see if there is actually some underlying cause.

Also today is the last day of classes. I’m starting to get really nervous about finals week because all my finals are pretty much back to back. Oh and two my finals start at 7:30……am!!! WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT?! But I just have to remember that after Thursday I’ll be freeeeeee!!! Can’t wait for summer!

Also Gatsby comes out tomorrow. SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT.


PS. Here’s this. Watch the whole thing. It’s worth your time.

Spring Breaker

20 Mar

It’s Wednesday of my spring break and I’m really sad because it’s already almost over. I guess I’ll just relive some of my memories from this week by telling you guys about them.

Saturday – got home around 4:30, Carrie and her friend Maureen got home from the Sporting KC game, we had dinner, we watched the Wizards of Waverly Place movie, played Mario Kart, Maureen left, and then I went over to Morgan’s at 10:15 and saw all the girls 🙂

Sunday – went to church, played Mario Kart with Carrie for a good chunk of the day, don’t remember what I did, then we couldn’t find anything good on TV so my dad put on C-SPAN (aka the most boring channel ever) which had a 2.5 hour special from 1999 about James Monroe. That really made us laugh. We watched it until the end.

Monday – I slept until about 11:30 and then watched the Jodi Arias trial. In the afternoon I went out to the square and put in some job applications for the summer. Carrie came home from school and we played some more Mario Kart. Then, that night, there was a C-SPAN special about James Monroe’s wife and John Quincy Adams’ wife. This show was live, and they were taking calls so we tried to call in to see if we could get on the air to ask a question. Carrie and I were both calling and she finally got through to an operator! The woman asked us to say our question, and to stay on the line and they would put us on air shortly. After about 8 minutes, they were done with the Elizabeth Monroe segment so we never got to ask our question 😦

Tuesday – I woke up “early” at 10:00 and my mom and I went to the Verizon store to look at SMARTPHONES!! I definitely put my persuasive skills into action this week. We decided on the iPhone 4 which would be free with our upgrade, but Becky isn’t home so we wouldn’t be able to activate all of them at the same time which is cheaper or something. She’ll be home on Friday so we’ll go and get them then. Then my mom and I went to Cheddar’s for lunch and then to Hobby Lobby. I had a headache most of the day so then I took a 2 hour nap (oops). When I came downstairs, Carrie and I played MarioKart. Then I went to Bunco with my mom! I had the most wins so I won $18! Luckily then I had enough money to pay back the $10 I borrowed from Carrie to put in the pot.

Wednesday – Today I haven’t done anything except take a shower and right now I’m watching the episode of Dance Moms I missed last night.


P.S. I’ve seen Selena Gomez on both David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon this week promoting her new movie Spring Breakers, so that’s where I got this blog title. The more important thing, though, is that last night she did a duet with Jimmy Fallon called “Mario Kart Love Song” which is very appropriate for this post as well.

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