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Interview and Stuff.

19 Sep

Hey friends!

Thursday night/Friday in general was just a horribly stressful day(s). I had stayed up all night studying for my Physiology test. I took the test at 8am on Friday and was pretty confident I missed more than half of the questions (thankfully that wasn’t so). On Friday as well, I had my nursing interview.

I didn’t get a chance to nap after my test because well, I forgot that I needed to wear pantyhose since I was wearing a skirt to my interview, so I had to go shopping. I hate pantyhose. Anyway I got pantyhose, then came back home, practiced some of the things I was planning on saying so I’d be prepared, and then I had to get ready.

I got to the Nursing building about 15 minutes ahead of time and waited in the waiting room along with about 8 or so other girls. Frankenweenie was playing on the projector but I couldn’t pay attention to the movie for very long because I was so nervous, but there was pretty much constant activity of people coming back in from their interview or leaving for their interview, so that made it hard to focus, too. Then they called my name.

Once I sat down in the interview room, I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins and my heart beating out of my chest, not to mention sweaty palms. Yikes. But overall I think the interview went pretty well, especially after the first few minutes, and it was less intimidating than I thought it was going to be. I think it’s because I knew what I was going to say and how I was going to say it, and I knew what I wanted and why I wanted it. But I guess that’s from my own perspective, so we’ll have to see in a few weeks how everything turned out. *fingers crossed*

After the interview I drove back HOME-home and took a nap before I went to watch Kens and Derk’s indoor soccer game at SportsCity. Their team won!

I forgot to mention in my post last week that I had an encounter with Anthony! Some of you already knew this, but for those that didn’t, me and Kens had to drop something off at Derek’s before we left for CoMo on Sunday night. I took the back roads out which takes you out past BYB. As we drove by we saw his “bra-car” and we freaked out together and decided to drive by the drive-through window to see if he was working. He was. Long story short, we left to get gas, I was regretting not stopping to say something, we turned back around, went through the drive through, got waffle fries, and asked the cashier at the window if we could talk to Anthony. LOL. He came to the window and that conversation lasted a good 5 minutes or so. YOLO.

Peace out, girl scouts!


Team Green

3 Nov

My indoor soccer team is called team green. It’s great. And you should see the for real uniforms that we are ordering. Let’s see if I can figure out how to add a link here.
It’s the green tank/legit jersey deal. Pretty hard to see, but this is a picture of our team in action! (And only one member on our team currently owns a jersey but there are 3 people from my team in that picture, just to clarify.)
Well last week was our first game, and we lost by one goal. This week, we played a team that was down a player the whole game and took them into a shoot out. A shoot out in indoor gym soccer…. it was weird. Anyways we chose the wrong people to shoot. However, out of all the folks on our team, I was mentioned to shoot but gave my place quickly away to a girl who was really begging and whiney because she hadn’t scored yet. Oh well, next time we are going to win! (probably)
Oh! In other big news it snowed like a foot Tuesday night! It is cold. 30 degrees and everything is covered in snow. I really want to wear my sunglasses to class.
p.s. I used the proofread button on this post thing, no writing errors were found. Proud grammar nazi right here.
See some of you soon!
countdown: 37 days ’til I’m home!
That’s all,

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