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Music and History

12 Mar

Life for the past week -boring, stressful, dramatic, and lazy

Weekend: my best or at least most memorable one so far. Here are the details:

Friday- Pong night. I found out I am pretty good at water pong, especially when playing against people who are really drunk. Let me elaborate. My friend Tage came up to Greeley for one last hoorah before shipping out next month to basic training, I think, I know he is going into the Navy. Anyways, this would be the last time for me to see him, so I made myself be social and went to a friends’ house and hung out while they continued to par-tay hard. I ended up staying out until 3 am, and played water pong for an hour. I am pretty good, and discovered that my technique is the arch-shot and not the laser-shot. (; At the end of our game, it was Tage and I versus Zach and Emil, Tage and Zach were plastered and Emil and I were carrying our teams because we were sober. When there were just 3 cups left, the game came to a stand still and we were geting bored so Zach decided to slam dunk the last cup. Result: water everywhere, a broken table, and stomach pains from laughing so hard. All around it was a good night- and I have a video to show you all how ridiculous that dunk was.

Saturday- I babysat a little girl named Peyton. Tori’s mom’s cousins recently moved to Thornton but before that they lived with Tori’s family for a few months. During that time when Tori and I would go home for the weekend, we got to know them pretty well and their adorable little girl. This weekend they asked if I would like to babysit for them, Tori had dumb RA duties, and so I did. My reward was money and homemade lasagna with the leftovers to bring home. It was awesome. And homemade lasagna is probably the most delicious thing I have ever eaten… also it is the only home-cooked meal I have consumed since Winter break. So consider yourselves lucky that home-cooking is not that far of a drive. Tori has been so busy with her new job of being an RA that she had only one weekend to go home this half of the semester and that just so happened to be the only weekend I had plans with Navs. Saturday was a great break from campus, plus I got back just in time to play the Hunger Games board game. It’s neat

Sunday- Our schol put on their Spring musical, Legally Blonde, and I went to see it. It was so upbeat and fun. Totally renewed my love of musicals and my dream of my life being a musical. I so want to see this on Broadway, or at least get the soundtrack. The music was so catchy that I can’t stop signing it. I love musicals. That evening I had the honor of having dinner with Jim Downing, a founder of the Navigators and the oldest person who was a naval officer during Pearl Harbor 1941. So many stories. Jim Downing is 99 years old and travels across the country to meet with college students. He is going to a different campus every day this week and that is totally normal for him. He is the coolest person I have ever talked to. He is a walking history book of America. He lived through the Great Depression, fought in both World Wars, and is still alive to tell it all. It is such a privilege to be able to meet someone like him, and so rare. I hope I never forget the stories and jokes he told. He was quite hilarious. Oh and if you ever get bored you should check out his story . Here’s the link. He wrote a book of all his experiences in the Navy for his children, and then was asked to publish it on the USS West Virginia website.

Here’s a clip of the opening act of Legally Blonde


P.S. My spring break starts Thursday night! I’m almost there, I can taste it! And you know what it tastes like..? Ponak’s.


Thank Goodness it’s another break

5 Apr

Yep. That’s right. Easter break is here. No classes until Tuesday!

On Friday I went to see the music department’s opera, which was actually super good, and super short, which was also good. Then Saturday I went to see the ballet at the Kauffman. Honestly I was so tired from work that I dozed off a little bit  at the end, and I missed probably the most exciting parts, according to the people I sat around. The beginning was weird because… well I have no other way to describe it other than “it was werid.” Haha. So that was my cultured weekend….

This week in reality was super short since we didn’t have class on Tuesday. But since there was a break waiting for us at the end of the week it of course felt like it was super long. Tuesday we had advising meeting to figure out our plans for next semester. I’ll be taking Chinese. Super excited about that actually. And I’ll also be taking Physiology (if I don’t decided to take it at Blue River over the summer), Pilates, violin, symphony and WWII and the Holocaust, which is supposed to be a really good and interesting class. Anyway, since it was a shortened week, I had no motivation to do much of anything. So I read the Hunger Games and finished it yesterday (basically mine and Kendyl’s room was a “reading hunger games” room because that’s all we did for like 2 days. lol). OMG. It was sooo good. I’m going to see the movie tomorrow in the morning. I’ve been watching Youtube videos on the movie since I finished dinner. Yeah… not being productive.

This week was also initiation week for the newest members of my sorority. Basically they joined after I was initiated. So I was down at the complex a lot this week, and I had to stay at school today until about 7 because today was the BIG ceremony, when I could have left at around noon. That was a bummer. Also I’m apart of my sorority’s team in BOTAB (battle of the air bands), which is a fundraiser for some frat where you dance. Yeah. I didn’t want to but they sort of guilt tripped some girls into doing it because at the first rehearsal there were apparently only 6 girls who showed up. Yesterday’s rehearsal… there was 10, including me. Still kind of pathetic, but oh well.

Anyway, in other news #anyonebutKANSAS. And also Happy Easter!! 😀


That’s clever, they named him after a bread.

4 Apr

Since Saturday I have read the first two Hunger Games books. They are AWESOME. When I was reading the books I really liked Peeta, but I envisioned him as Zach Effron so you can see my disappointment when I find out its the kid from Bridge to Terabithia (I have no clue how to spell that, nor do I care). I think I am going to see the movie on Friday so that makes me super super excited (I watched the trailor several times today :)). Also I have been relating everything in my life to the hunger games, its kind of taking over my life.

Yesterday I picked out my classes for next semester and Im taking Pilates (For some dumb reason I have to take 2 P.E. credits, I mean it’s not like I don’t already workout enough or anything), Physiology, Experimental Psych, Women’s Writers (Go Feminism! Also I heard it was easy), and Leadership Cornerstone for Pryor.

Yesterday I found out there was a spot open on the wing of my Sorority next year so thats where I will be living!

Saturday was our first pre-season game and we beat Truman State 2-1. I got to play a nice amount so that was fun, well other that the fact that it was 90 degrees outside.

Working in the library lately hasn’t been much fun. Since they are making a ton of renovations I actually have to do work instead of just sitting in behind the desk doing my homework. The only thing keeping me going is the hope that they will get all the library employees pizza and ice cream cake again. I LOVE ice cream cake.

Anatomy still sucks and we have a quiz over four chapters next Wednesday. I could seriously go on atleast a 20 minute rant about this. I do not want to study my butt off for 10 stinkin’ points! Four chapters is not a quiz, it is a Test! I would say screw it, but my grade cannot handle me screwing it.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


How often do I like Jokes about Chemistry? Periodically.

27 Mar

I left the Bromine and Boron in the cabinet. BrB.

I really enjoy chemistry jokes if you didn’t notice.

I feel like I have become a true college student the past couple days. Sunday night I pulled my first official all-nighter of college. I had an Anatomy test at 7:00am and a Abnormal Psych test at 12:30. So I studied all night in the Union and then went downstairs for breakfast when it was time. I was with Mae guan and Marry Anne and there was another kid Michael from our anatomy class who actually slept in the union, that was comical. Then after Anatomy I studied for my abnormal psych test for the 3 hours in between.

Then last night I was up until 6:00am studying for my social psych test that was at 9:00am.

Bottom line I have had very minimal sleep lately and have consumed way to much caffeine.

I am currently working two jobs, but I still feel like I have no money! Maybe thats because I have to fork out 2000 dollars for the Everglades next year.

I have read 50 pages of hunger games and I really like it I just can’t find time to read it!
May the odds be ever in your favor (gentry made fun of me because she said “reads 50 pages of the book and thinks she is an expert) I was just really excited to know what that was all about.

Keep it Classy like Audrey Hepburn

P.S. I apologize for this terribly boring post.

New Obsessions and More Procrastination

22 Mar

Not too much has really happened to me this week… just the usual procrastination of homework/studying. I have a psych test tomorrow and I’m in the process of studying for it, but my brain just doesn’t feel like memorizing terms and theories and etc. which is why I decided to be kind of sort of productive and blog!!

Today my written communications class was canceled, so after my anatomy lab this morning I browsed the web for a little bit and went back to bed and didn’t get up until 1:40, just in time to get lunch before the cafeteria closes at 2. I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon and decided to start reading Hunger Games today after class. I made it to page 6ish before I felt my eyes getting droopy (that’s when I slept until 1:40), not because it wasn’t interesting but because I was tired. I’m going to try to finish it in a week-ish so I can go see the movie!

Anyway, I have some new obsessions that have caused me to procrastinate a lot this week. The first one is the Draw Something App. It’s like Hanging with Friends only you draw pictures. I pretty much charge my ipod then play Draw Something, run the battery down, then charge it again. Haha. You all should play it if you have a smart phone or itouch/ipad, etc. Next new obsession is Wong Fu Production. Basically they are a group of asian-americans that make some pretty funny video skits and put them on YouTube, most of the time the videos are about asian-ness. Then they have like a “behind the scenes” called WongFu Weekends that are also pretty hilarious. Since those videos are upwards of about 12 minutes, they are a great time waster. I think I like watching their videos so much because I can relate to them… LOL.

Here’s a video they made with the guy who plays Mike Chang from Glee.

Another obsession I have is Classical Music. Not that I haven’t been listening to lyrical music, but I’ve just been listening to classical a lot lately. And also chinese pop music too… You’re judging me… I know it. It’s not exaclty a new obsession, but One Direction!!! They recently put out their North American Tour Schedule. The closest they’ll be to KC is Chicago. Dang.

Tomorrow I’m getting my car back, finally after about a month later. It’s about freaking time is all I’m going to say about that…. But then I’m probably going to stay home tomorrow since I work for the first time in my life on Saturday! I’ll let you know how that goes.

Okay well I should probably get back to studying…. Or procrastinating… Or whatever…

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