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12 Feb

I haven’t blogged in a while… #sorrynotsorry. Lately… well mainly only to my sister I have been talking in hash tags. I say something and then I say “hash tag sad tweet”. Also, I don’t know if you know the song G# by Kitten, but for the longest time I thought it was pronounced G hash tag because I had no clue that in music # meant sharp. That is a great indicator of my lack of musical training.

School is finally catching up with me. I didn’t do any work the first two weeks of school and on Thursday I have two tests (chemistry and Political Science) which I haven’t studied at all for… so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing the next couple of days.

I would like to take this time to express to you all how much I hate discussion boards. For my Health Sciences 3300 class we have to post an answer to a question every week and then respond to other people’s posts. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to get a good grade is to sound like a pompous ass, so that’s what I’m doing. Also the TA responded to one of mine and my response sounded kind of bitchy #sorrynotsorry, I just hope that doesn’t affect my grade.

Currently my favorite classes are my Intro to Art and Political Science class. Basically for art we just draw, ect. ect. for 3 hours, 2 times a week and my teacher is a super hipster, art grad student (he listens to music that I have never heard of… Idk if anyone has ever heard of it).  I find it really weird that Political Science is my other favorite class because my previous hatred of this topic, but I’m actually starting to get more interested in politics and the teacher is really funny (he has the same stature as Mr. Stacy and always wears Hawaiian style shirts with road signs ect. ect. on them).

I’ve come to the realization that I am a lot healthier when I’m at school then when I’m home. Here I actually work out almost everyday and eat semi-healthy-ish (that mainly means that instead of eating the whole bag of chips I only eat half), but this is also probably because I’m poor and can’t afford snack foods unless my mom buys them for me. This weekend when I went home, I kid you not, I ate half of a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake #sorrynotsorry.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. The other day I made another video blog, but I couldn’t post it #sadtweet.

the honey badger is my idol this week

7 Mar

Hello all. This week has been most uneventful. But you know me, usually I can come up with some random shit to talk about.

I skipped my photography class on Thursday morning and ohh it was glorious. I spent the evening studying for a computer science test that I would allegedly have on Friday, however this event never occurred.

Friday morning I woke up around 6am feeling like my head was going to split open. I was also sweating to death and felt extremely like I was going to throw up, but I didn’t. It was a migraine, which I’ve never really had before. I stumbled out of bed and sat down at my computer, covering my face with my hands because it hurt my head to look at the bright screen. I kind of typed some words to my professors which I read later and were not so legible. Anyway, I went back to bed until around 11 and felt better and went up to Caitlin’s room to hang out. But around 3 I started having some trouble seeing, like when I would look at a word I could only see one letter. When I looked at Caitlin and Alexis, I could only see one part of them that I was focusing on, like one eye. It was frightening. Then I kind of lost my peripheral vision and saw a lot of zigzags on the stuff that I was looking at. My mom wanted me to go to the ER but I said nahhh bro honey badger don’t care.

Saturday I slept late and was feeling better, and in the evening I went to this dance party at someone’s church where we needed costumes. With only about an hour’s notice, I dressed up as a hipster and I think I made a pretty good one. My hair was already dirty so that helped.

Sunday I once again didn’t do anything really. I folded laundry and skyped and that was it.

Monday I woke up and was feeling pretty good, and my computer science teacher sympathized with me because he said he’s had a migraine before and that I could just take the test Wednesday (today). But during my last class of the day at 11 I started having problems seeing again. It was a little different though – you know when you look at the sun and it kind of burns a big spot into your eye for a while? It was like that when I looked at my professor, only I hadn’t been recently looking at the sun. It didn’t last as long as Friday, but then my headache came back and it was angry. I was supposed to go get help with a computer science project that was due today but instead I went to sleep for about 3 hours. I felt better when I got up though.

Yesterday I had photography at 8, which all we did was a critique and I don’t know how this teacher managed to drag out a critique of 10 people’s photos for an hour and a half. At 9:30 I went back to bed until 11 when I met Caitlin for lunch. Then at 11:30 I went to computer science lab, and my teacher kept asking me how I was feeling and stuff like that, he’s really nice. I’m sad I won’t be taking computer science any more after this year because he is a great person and I like him a lot. I’m just not sure how much long I can stand dismally failing.

Then I had my video class, where I swear it was 80 degrees in there and it was like 70 outside. Not cool. (Literally.) We watched each other’s videos from the last project and we were all comatose to say the least. But mine actually made people laugh, it was another HIPSTER vid so I’ll post that on FB when I can figure out how to get my hard drive to work. My teacher enjoyed it too I think.

Moritz and I have been making webcam videos for each other since we still haven’t been able to talk quite as much, so it’s really cute and I like that a lot! Less than 3 weeks until he’s done, so that’s great, but unfortunately the colleges he’s applying to STILL haven’t received his paperwork 😦 I’m kind of getting into apathetic mode to be quite honest, which I know is bad but I can’t help it. Honey badger don’t care. Sorry I’m overusing that phrase today guys, but I just remembered him and I really like it so I just need to use it as much as possible.

Morgan and Kelsey are coming to visit me Saturday, YAY! I’m ready to eat until our sides split. WOOO HOO!

Next week is going to be hell with an 8 page paper due, a Spanish test, a Spanish oral presentation, a photography assignment, and a video all due. FML. I hope I’m still alive at this point next week, guess we’ll find out.


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