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Never get sick.

7 Nov

Never get sick. Trust me. It sucks.

I went to the doctor last Wednesday and I had a fever. They drew some blood and tested me for strep and the flu. I had pretty much every symptom of the flu other than vomiting but I think that’s because I hadn’t eaten anything. The doctor said that if it wasn’t the flu, then they would recommend me to stay in the hospital overnight for observation. What?? After not sleeping for about 36 hours I went back to my apartment and finally fell asleep for a while. When I woke up I talked to my mom and she said she would come to Springfield on Thursday and take care of me.

Luckily we have an extra mattress in our apartment so my mom was able to sleep on the floor in my room instead of getting a hotel. This is a little graphic but here it goes: When I woke up on Friday I couldn’t open my eyes because they were crusted together, I think it was a side effect to some medication. I went back to the doctors and got some chest x-rays, and then my mom convinced me to just come home for the weekend.

But that meant I had to call in to work for Saturday and Sunday, when I had already called in two other days that week. The manager wasn’t too happy and I think he wanted to fire me, but he asked me to bring in a doctor’s note so I did. Thankfully I still have my job right now.

I slept a lot this weekend.

The week’s been decent except for the fact that I most likely failed my calculus test yesterday. I voted yesterday, but unfortunately the polling place was out of “I Voted Today” stickers which kinda pissed me off. Also I was quite unprepared for the method of voting. It really threw me for a loop.

seriously, what is this?

No hanging chads here. I only voted on 5 issues, also I voted for all the people who weren’t running against anyone just so I could feel like I was being a good citizen and voting for more than 5 issues.

Unfortunately I didn’t wear a patriotic outfit. That must be why they ran out of stickers.



7 Nov

I voted for the very first time today! Since it was a special occasion I decided I needed a patriotic outfit so I put together a voting outfit and I talked Guano into wearing one too. It was very exciting for us so on the way to our polling place we sang a few patriotic tunes  🙂 I was a little disappointed that I only had to fill in bubbles and was not able to use the punchy thing, but I guess that takes away the problem of hanging chads.

This weekend T ran in state in Jeff city and I got to go watch him run which was pretty cool! My mom and Gentry stayed the rest of the weekend and we went to this place called Shelter Gardens to take pictures for Gentry’s photography project. I kept trying to photobomb her pictures, but she said she could only take pictures of nature… likely story. We also went to Stephen’s Lake Park and walked around campus. It was really nice to spend time with them again even though I was just home 🙂

Today I spent 2 1/2 hours working with my group on our motivational interviewing role play (if you were wondering, it is as dumb as it sounds). We had the option of either acting it out in front of class or video taping it before hand so of course we video taped it. I played the part of Nurse 2-Jennifer and I plan on winning an Academy Award for my part. I would post it, but I am going to spare you all 10 minutes of awkwardness lolol.

Thats all for now. Less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break and I have sooo much to get done.

Keep it Classy.


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