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Sociology *warning, this is a thinking post

3 Dec

This semester I took a class on the whim. My roommate talked me into taking a class with her and so without any further research except for her word I joined Sociology of Gender.

First thing that comes to my mind when I hear that title is: ew. The second: this will be easy. So going into class on day one, my expectations were pretty low. But, since then I have learned so much about how only a difference in gender can limit or able a person. Now, I’m no protesting feminist or the opposite, but I am right in the middle and the social issues covered so far in class have been very intriguing. Last week, for instance, we discussed rape and the definition of consent and what could be and should be changed about that definition. Also, we really dug into how during a trial, how a victim’s life is essentially put on trial and not the actual rape. For example, I think we all heard about the Kobe Bryant sexual assalt case from 2004. Just a random fact, the victim was a student at UNC and a student of my Soc teacher. Anyways, it is so ridiculous to me how her life was put on trial and the question of “Did she really day no?” was evidence rather than the actual evidence. Just reading through articles about this case shows how Kobe Bryant wasn’t really on trial but the girl. In my text book it talks a lot about how a victim’s past is introduced to discredit her testimony and  says that “even before trial, police and prosecutors make judgments about the victim’s credibility and the prosecutable merit of her case”. CRAZY

So Sociology really made me think, more than I guess really wanted to, but I have lots more social issues I’d be more than willing to discuss over break! 😉

To conclude: I am no fan of the Lakers, and those things are totally awful. Sorry to make you think a lot, tomorrow Kendyl will cheer us up- I’m almost 99.98% positive.


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