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Florence + The Machine

8 Oct

Whats Up Party People?

Last monday night I attended the Florence + The Machine Concert at Starlight theater with Kendyl and Megan. The night started with Kendyl forgetting the tickets and having to drive back home to get them. Then after arriving at Starlight and walking half way to the theater Megan realized she forgot to lock her car so me and Kendyl had to wait as she went back to lock it. After Megan locked her car we finally got to the ticket gate where after getting my ticket scanned I turned around to see the event staff telling Kendyl she could not take her camera in, so I waited again as Kendyl and Megan went back to the car again. A little bit later after finally getting in and taking our seats I smiled at an events staff lady and charmed her into giving us free wristbands so we could stand right in front of the stage for the concert which was amazing. We were standing right in front of the stage by a wall of speakers throughout the entire concert, I could feel my internal organs vibrating to the music. Me and Florence had a moment when we locked eyes and she looked right into my soul, although I think she is into witchcraft I could go along with it if we were to ever get married. The concert was pretty zesty and I got to do a bit of fist pumping and screaming. I want to see Florence + The Machine live again but hopefully next time it will be at Red Rocks.

I have not done much of interest lately, I leave for Colorado in 26 days and I spend a decent amount of my time every day staring at my snowboard and giving him the attention and affection he deserves. I started running again last week for the first time since I tore my ACL in May and I can say that I have never enjoyed running more.

I have been rock climbing a lot lately, not at IBEX but out in nature where it is free. Friday I was about 10 feet up a 20 foot rock face at the lakes when I reached for a crack in the cliff and ended up pulling a frying pan sized rock down on my head causing me to fall to the ground. I ended up with a bleeding forehead, bloody scalp, a huge headache, and a deep cut to the bone on my left thumb. From now on I think I am going to pay to climb at IBEX where its safer and they have ropes that catch you when you fall.

This is Me in 26 days!

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little

-Derek Neely

Lacking All the Motivation

4 Oct

Hey everyone!

This week has been pretty good so far. As you may have read in Kendyl’s post, the Florence concert was beyond awesome. It was definitely a great first concert experience. One Direction is going to have a high standard to beat come July.

On Tuesday I stayed home and just kind of doped around. Unfortunately I woke up at 9 am after going to bed around 2am. Hate it when I can actually sleep in but my brain decides it can’t sleep past 9. My online test was due at 5pm and I submitted it at 4:57. Winning. I’m not sure about the quality of it though…. And since it was mostly short answer/essay test, she probably won’t have it graded for a couple more days.

The good thing about being home was 1) being able to sleep in my full sized bed– twin sized beds really do suck. And 2) I got to eat my mom’s cooking. TWICE. Delish. One bad thing though was that I forgot my phone charger at home. Thankfully I have a USB cord that charges my phone from my laptop and my car charger that should get me by until I go home next.

Kendyl and I left Pimpdence around 8:30ish. On the way back we listened to Flo+The Machine, of course. We were still on a concert high and were reliving the concert through her songs. She’s so amazing.

Also on Tuesday, at home I cleaned out the top drawer of my night stand. I found a Christmas card where I had stashed a sizable amount of my Christmas money. I, legit, felt my jaw drop to the floor. I treated myself to some new Nike shorts and a t-shirt with said money. They were on sale on a tennis warehouse website. Suppes excited about those. And I actually sent them to the right address apparently (….if you follow my tweets). YAY.

Yesterday I wore pink, not knowing it was “International Mean Girls Day.” And also we found out that Imagine Dragons is performing a FREE SHOW during homecoming weekend. We’re super excited for that!

Once again, I have procrastinated my Biology Homework until the last minute. Instead of doing that today, I have uploaded pictures to Facebook, watched some TV shows,watched various video clips on CNN.com, did 3 loads of laundry, hot glued somethings back together that were broken, worked out at the Rec, and now I’m writing this post. Is it Thanksgiving break yet?!

“Lacking ALL the motivation.” – Kendyl Laughlin
Also since we just got back from the rec, all I want to do is shower and sleep. Shoot.

Hope you all are having more motivation than we are.



2 Oct

Alcoholics Anonymous, not the battery.

Sunday night I attended my first alcoholics anonymous meeting for an assignment for my Psychosocial and Communication Issues in Nursing Class. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I listened to several people tell their stories and at the end we stood in a circle, held hands and prayed. I felt out of place, but it was an experience.

Guano and I have finally conquered the Rec center. Ok, not really, but we went Saturday and Sunday and it pretty awesome, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t still sore.

Monday night was Florence! And it was nothing short of Amazing; I just love her so much. Our tickets were originally pretty far from the stage, but some lady came up to us while we were sitting and waiting and gave us special wristbands to go up in front of the stage. We were thinking about not going because we didn’t know how close we would actually get and I had already walked passed people several times to pee, but eventually Derek convinced us to Live a Little so we went. I’m so glad we did because it was awesome!! I just really have no words for how perfect it was; I really just want to follow her around the country, who’s in?

Here are a few pictures thanks to Guano because they wouldn’t let me take my camera in because it had a detachable lens (I guess for some people this is common knowledge, but this was my first concert so I was clueless.)

I think have finally decided that I want to switch to physical therapy, so I need to go talk to an advisor and find out what I need to do to make that happen. The only thing is that it’s a Doctorate program so I will have to go to school for an additional 5 years after this one, that’s a lot of school, but I just see myself having a better fit with that then nursing.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. I got my passport picture taken today. They wouldn’t let me smile, so I tried the whole smiling with your eyes thing. Nailed it. Not really I just look angry.






27 Sep

Hey everyone!

So Friday we went to the girls soccer game. Besides missing out on the free shirts it was really exciting! Afterwards we went to Mizzou After Dark and we crafted it up and got some free Jimmy Johns, which was good because we were both pretty hungry after the game. Here’s my very first crayon canvas that I made there…

The line for that craft was HELLA long. But I’m happy with the way it turned out for the most part. I was expecting it to be worse. We also made ModgePodge coasters. Overall, it was a pretty good night.

Anyway, at the soccer game, I started to notice that I had a tickle in my throat. And all that day, my nose had been runny. The runny nose I didn’t think much of because I normally have allergies, but the tickle PLUS a runny nose…!! I was definitely catching something. So Saturday night we went to Wally World (where Kens had her encounter with “women problems”) to get some NyQuill and DayQuill (except I got the WalMart brand because I’m living on a college kid budget and still don’t have a job). The first few days of being sick, I for sure felt like complete crap. No joke. But I’m mostly better as of today, except for some stuffy nose issues. But suffice it to say, I definitely slept a lot this week, used a whole bunch of tissues, ate quite a bit of soup, watched a lot of the premier episodes of a lot of shows on my laptop (some of those shows being Breaking Amish, Dancing with the Stars, Parks and Rec, The Office, Glee, Go On, etc.. I might have a TV show addiction… Possibly), and procrastinated doing my homework/studying more than I usually do. I’m blaming it on the sickness.

Today me and Kens went to B-Dubs for Boneless Thursdays  It was worth it. Asian Zing is the way to go. I’m not just saying that because I’m Asian either.

Tomorrow we only have to be on campus for 2 hours because our Sociology class got canceled because we have a test Monday. #winning. Also Monday is the Florence and the Machine CONCERT!!! I’m super excited because I’m really ready to go home for a tiny break from school and also because IT IS GOING TO BE MY FIRST CONCERT EXPERIENCE!!! AHHHHH!! I’m super excited!! And since my class on Tuesday got canceled (also because of an exam) I won’t have to worry about coming back to CoMo in a hurry. But that definitely means I’m going to be studying all weekend. Yaaaaaaaay…..

I saw this video before I was about to start this post… I’m sure you guys will enjoy it. What’s not to enjoy? Elmo, good. Zac Efron, AWESOME!

What happened to his YOLO tattoo though?!

Alright I’ve got to finish my biology homework.
Peace out, broskis!


PS. If you guys haven’t checked out Mumford & Sons new album, you definitely should. It’s sooooo good!

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