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Wrapping up

4 Dec

Well it’s my last week of real classes.

I’ve been moderately busy. Last week Derek, Megan, and Kendyl were here and we had so much fun. http://cathyinlondon2013.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/friends-in-london-3/ if you want to read more about it. Even though they didn’t have the smoothest trip home ever, I’m glad they’re back safe and sound now!


Since then, I’ve caught up on some sleep and done some souvenir shopping and some organizing. I threw away all the trash and things I don’t need, but my things seem to have multiplied since I got here. I’ve also found the suitcase I’m going to buy because I’ll definitely need an extra one.

It’s weird to think that in a week and a half, I’ll be leaving here. Then I’ll have a week in Germany which will be like a weird transitional limbo (in the best way possible) before I’m back home. I can’t believe I haven’t been home since before I went to Germany last time, and Italy, which seem like a very long time ago. So the fact that I left on August 12 seems like a long time ago but it also feels like I haven’t been gone for too long. Most of all I can’t believe that this experience that I’ve looked forward to for so long is coming to an end. That’s disheartening.

For example, what will there possibly be that’s worthy of Instagram-ing once I get home? No more Big Ben. No more Kensington Gardens or Regent’s Park sunsets or the commodity-crazed Oxford Street with its admittedly dazzling Christmas lights.

It seems kind of silly to think about Instagram but I actually think it’s a decent metaphor. Life at home will seem pretty ordinary after this extravagant experience. But I also know that I will have a new perspective on life at home and appreciate the simple things more. I’m really excited to see my family and see you guys again.

But I doubt I’ll ever have mimosas in class at 10:30am again like I did today 😉

Well, time to write my paper for George’s class.


Christmas Spirit

6 Dec

Today was my last day of the semester. No finals and no more assignments. WAHOOOO! It’s been a pretty good semester at Mizzou and on many different levels, I’m happy about the change I decided to make with colleges. I couldn’t be more excited that I get an extra week off for break! I had been counting down the days to when I could finally drive back home and now I really can’t believe it’s here and that I’m actually at home. No place like home for the holidays!

image (1)Once I got back home, I put up a small Christmas tree and Christmas lights in my room. My room is super festive to say the least. I think it might be because my whole room is kind of small, so all the lights just reflect back on each other, giving it a more festive feel. Haha! My tree is one of those trees that has the lights attached already. The top half isn’t working. And as much as I love Christmas, I don’t think I’m going to go through each bulb to see which one is causing the whole thing to go out. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well I guess I do, I’m just too lazy to do it.  Also today, I decided to go on a baking spree. I made roughly 6-7ish dozen sugar cookies in the shape of stars, Santa, Christmas trees, Santa’s boots, sleighs, and bells. I wasn’t expecting to make that much.. I just found an easy recipe online and started making it. I didn’t think 5 cups of flour was going to be THAT much… until I put it in the bowl and started mixing it. Good thing my mom stocked up on HyVee’s baking sale though. I am still in the process of icing them all. But I’m taking a break from it because my hand and neck hurts. I think I just might finish it tomorrow though because I’m pretty tired and also because I’m out of icing. This is also my first sugar cookie making experience. And it’s been pretty good so far. I was so worried that they were going to come out bad.

In other news… My mom has recently been addicted to some Chinese soap opera (yes, they exist). If she’s not cooking or at work, she’s on the computer watching that stupid show. Anyway, today she was starting to get frustrated because the internet has been cutting in and out and she couldn’t stream it on her computer, and she was making me do all the trouble shooting to try to fix it. Finally I got it work… and I could have sworn she was crying at the end of one of the episodes. SMH is all I have to say about that… Haha.


That Wonderful Time of Year When the Semester is Almost Over

29 Nov

I’ve lost all of the motivation recently. And I know for a fact that it’s because I have one week left of the semester. Thanksgiving break wasn’t very helpful either because all I did was lounge around. What made it worse was that I signed up for the 1 week trial of Hulu. So I just watched Glee, The Office, New Girl, and The Only Way is Essex (British reality show that’s a cross between Jersey Shore and The Hills, except not as trashy as Jersey Shore) pretty much the whole week on my iPad (decided not to bring it back to CoMo because I knew it was going to be a distraction especially at the end of the semester). Oh and I ate lots of yummy food, and went shopping on Black Friday at a normal hour. I probably spent a little bit more than I needed to.

Anyway, since I only have one final to take (if I decide to take it at all) during finals week, I will be starting my break about a week early! Next Thursday is the last day of classes and I will probably be going home then!  If I decided to take the final I’ll road trip back that next Thursday. I got super lucky for that to happen. But now I just have to get through the next week which contains many assignments and tests. Lovely.

Kendyl’s Christmas Tree

After Thanksgiving break, the townhouse got festive! Kendyl put up her tree, and I put up Christmas lights in my room. And I’ve pretty much been listening to only Christmas music since Thanksgiving. I highly recommend A Very She & Him Christmas. It is fantastic. Now all I am waiting for is for it to snow a lot. I love the Christmas season! I’m going to try to get crafty for it this year… Maybe some sugar cookies and some decorations (thank you Pinterest).

Today the K’s went to pick up Kellan’s new friend, Leia. She’s the cutest and sweetest and seems to be adjusting well to her new environment.

Did any of you buy a PowerBall ticket yesterday?! I had my doubts, but I was like if I don’t buy one, there won’t be a chance of winning at all. Not like the chances of me winning was 1 in 175,223,510 or anything. So I gave in and purchased a ticket. Unfortunately my ticket didn’t match a single number. It stung a little bit more when I found out one of the winning tickets was sold in our state. So disappointing. Maybe one day…



19 Apr

Hey bros!

On Tuesday, people classified as freshmen registered for classes for next semester. That was super stressful for me because I tend to freak out in those situations, and also a couple of the classes that I wanted to take were on the verge of being completely filled so I had to rearrange several things right before registration opened. And also since everyone seemed to be pressing the “submit” button right at 10 PM, the server crashed. I had to re-click submit like 4 times. And because of that, I’m not sure if I will be getting into the WWII and the Holocaust class. But I’ve been emailing people about it, because 17 is a silly number for maximum number of students. SHM. #smallschoolprobs

Also this week, since I won’t be living in the sorority complex, I’ve been on a search for a roommate for next year. I was originally planning to live with another soccer player, Lauren. We’ve had several classes together this year. But she found out today that she gets to live in the sorority complex. Kim, a girl from our hall, didn’t have a roommate either… until now! So now and a some of other girls from our hall are planning to live in the same building/hall next semester. Totes looking forward to that!

Yesterday was JewellStock. Basically the school brings in a bunch of inflatables (including the obstacle course inflatable from project grad) and everyone just hangs out outside. There was also free cotton candy and free dinner. Well I don’t think it’s really “free” because we’re paying a lot to be here…. I had a lot of cotton candy… Kendyl had significantly more. So she was on a sugar high for quite some time. I also injured myself going down the big inflatable slide because my arm rubbed up against the side of the slide the whole way down. Pretty sure it took off a few layers of skin. It’s a little sore today and I think there are some blisters that formed… Gross.

Today I had a Psych Test. And for some random reason my nose started bleeding in the middle of it. That WOULD happen to me. But it’s a good thing I had some napkins in my backpack. Also today my hall also went to Los Compas for dinner for 3 dollar tacos. Apparently it’s the cool hangout on Taco Thrusdays for Jewell kids because pretty sure a third of our school population was there. And after that we went to Lemon Tree (like Yogurtini, only in Liberty). YUM.

Tomorrow we don’t have classes because it’s colloquium day. So I’ll probably get to sleep in for a little bit, which will be nice. Then this weekend is going to be super busy. Saturday I’m volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House (my sorority’s philanthropy) for a couple hours. Then one of my hall-mate’s wants to go check out a church’s evening weekend service. Then Sunday I work. And I have to be back here for our dorm’s pageant. I’m rapping a small section and dancing for part of our hall’s presentation. It will be awesome!!

Three weeks, bros. Hopefully anatomy doesn’t kill me. Literally. I’m really worried for my sanity and how my brain is going to hold all of that information for the comprehensive final. I hate anatomy. But not as much as I hate the instructor….


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