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The Easter Bunny came!

8 Apr

So I don’t remember much about the week, I was bored and busy and whatevs. I did get to change my major this week; I am now officially an Anthropology major! Which means that my 200 level geology class and my organismal biology class are useless. Yipee.

BUT the fun started this weekend! Thursday I went to this cute little burger place called JB’s that reminds me of Hiboys and I love it. They make their own root beer and the floats are phenomenal. I also went to our Spring Dance Concert. It was different, but a new experience and I hope to continue to go to our school plays and productions after I finish my Theatre class. Friday Tori, Kendal, and I headed to Castle Rock for the weekend. That evening the three of us plus Kyle went to see the Hunger Games, my second time to see it and it was just as great. Saturday we had lunch at a New York style pizza place and that was divine. Saturday also included shopping, we spent the whole day driving from place to place and I only bought one thing. One Thing!

Then Easter! Tori’s mom got all of us Easter baskets, I love presents and candy and that’s what Easter baskets are all about. I woke up ridiculously early this morning and would you like to know how that happened? Well their mean rat/dog (really it’s a pomeranian) scratched its way into Tori’s room and found my air mattress and decided that pounding her front paws on my mattress would be a great idea. I was not too happy for a little bit but then I ate a cinnamon roll and opened my basket and I was okay ha.

I don’t want to go back to school or even think about how soon finals and lab practicals are. ugh.

peace out and don’t get cavities please


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