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News and Nerves

29 Jan

It looks like none of you decided to/had time to blog this week but I have a little down time today so I will anyway.

This week has been very interesting. Being a student again and all. I finally got to go to Andy’s frozen custard on Friday night, thankfully. I needed it after four whole days of school. And I also needed Hurts Donuts on Sunday. By the way, I just realized this is my first five-day school week since about the first week of May. Yikes.

The past few days have had me kind of on-edge about various things. First of all, I had been trying to go back to where I was working last spring, and the manager had seemed like I could come back, no problem. Then he kind of told me that he wasn’t sure I’d get many hours because he’s hiring new people soon to replace everyone who’s leaving in May and they will get priority, so do I still want to come back? That kind of sucked but I said yes. So I went yesterday to fill out the paperwork to start working again. I was kind of nervous about that because I didn’t know if he would be mean or anything (he wasn’t). And he even wrote “15hr/week” on my paper. I’m starting again in a week and a half.

Then I had to go take a drug test. That made me a little nervous because I’m always afraid that a) I’ll make a mistake/do something wrong so it will mess up the results, b) that I’ll have “shy bladder”, or c) that for some reason it will say I’m on drugs when there’s absolutely no way it could be possible. I think it went okay though.

And while I was waiting for that, I got a message from my friend Jacy that our paper about Sandy Hook got accepted for the conference in Minneapolis that we sent it to, and we get to go! The thing that made me nervous about that, though, was that we took Kevin’s name off it even when our professor told us we shouldn’t (she didn’t reply to our email in time). So today I was nervous because we decided to go talk to her and ask what we should do and if she was mad at us for taking it off.

She wasn’t mad and she laughed instead and said she had a feeling we’d done that. But then she told us we have to face The Wrath Of Kevin on our own, which basically meant me because I have two classes with him where I sit right next to him. Shit. And I know that our two professors will probably announce to the class about our paper. Plus there will probably be a press release, a Comm department facebook post, and a story in the campus newspaper which Kevin writes for. So I don’t know, would it be better if I tell him before class one day before he has to hear it for the first time? Now I’m nervous about that. He can get defensive sometimes.

Well, on the bright side, Minneapolis!?


UPDATE 7:20pm: I talked to him in the Commons, and I told him that Jacy and I had continued working on the paper and we took his name off… he didn’t even seem upset! He even said “I knew I wouldn’t be able to put any more work into it” so it all worked out 🙂 I think I need a drink now though lols

Accomplishments and Shit

19 Sep

So this week hasn’t been too bad. Actually it’s been pretty good, other than two shitty occurrences.

Last Wednesday after I posted my blog, I went to the animal shelter which was pretty fun. I walked dogs for about an hour and none of them even pooped! And that, my friends, is accomplishment #1 for the week. Then I played with a cat for one hour. Thursdays suck and I don’t remember anything about it so let’s pretend it doesn’t exist. Friday I got my Spanish test back, 99% bitchesss (accomplishment #2). I like this class because it doesn’t ask me about language tenses and translations but basically it’s like a literature class where the literature just so happens to be in Spanish, and we just so happen to do the analysis in Spanish. Just don’t tell anyone that I use google translate on most of the reading homework… unfortunately I don’t have 934 hours to spend on it every night.

Friday at 4:45pm was our first “Summit Leadership” class. It’s for all the people who are living in these apartments and doing service projects. It’s once a month from 4:45-7. They always bring us catered dinner for the first 30 minutes, accomplishment #3. We had to build balloon sculptures. Then I had to go help at DVD Bingo which is something that Residence Life Association does, which I am allegedly a member of but I skipped their meeting yesterday (#4). Shitty occurrence #1 is the fact that I didn’t win a single damn DVD at said DVD Bingo. I get my hopes up again and again always to be disappointed.

Saturday I slept in hella late (#5). It rained and I didn’t do anything which was awesome. Then Caitlin and I went grocery shopping and we got ingredients to make S’more Bars (#6). We just now finished eating them yesterday. It was pretty fun because it was the first thing we baked together in the kitchen. I don’t remember anything about Sunday except that I ate many s’more bars. And I made an art project to hang on my wall, out of canvas, paint, and buttons (#7). I think it turned out pretty well.

Monday was supposed to be the day that I heard back from the community center which is where I interviewed, so my mom told me I should call and follow up. The woman said they were finishing calling people Monday evening/Tuesday morning. I took a very long nap and patiently waited but didn’t hear anything. But I did make tacos for dinner, which I consider to be my first “real” meal that I have cooked in this kitchen (#8). (P.S. Monday night I couldn’t sleep, shitty occurrence numero dos)

By Tuesday at 3:30 I still hadn’t heard anything so I decided to call again. The woman said they still hadn’t called everyone but she said she could tell me then that THEY WANT TO HIRE ME!!!(#9!!!!!!) Gosh I can’t believe it! After a whole semester last year searching, and a month this year searching, I finally found something to pay the (theoretical) bills but also to finance my sophisticated lifestyle of buying a lot of Special K cereal and international plane tickets.

So today I went back to the animal shelter to volunteer until 2:30, which was fun because they had new puppies! They were so adorable and well behaved! And after that, I went to fill out a form at the family center that gives them permission to do a background check. And then… I had to go take a drug test at a clinic here in town. That was sups awkward because a male nurse was filling out my paperwork and I had to give him the cup at the end. But I would like to announce that I filled it above the required 60 mL line, but just barely. That’s definitely an accomplishment (#10). And I actually got it all in the cup which I will admit I was worried about (#11). Also, I noticed when I was standing there awkwardly that there was a cabinet that said “Shy Bladder Paperwork”.

One last thing I’d like to add, I’ve been watching a lot of “Breaking Amish” and “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team”. That’s an accomplishment too (#12). I love having a TV.

I hope your accomplishments are outweighing your shitty occurrences this week too!

Miss you guys


Pee in a cup.

6 Mar

The past couple weeks have been a blur. I’ve slept a little and studied a lot. I practically live in the Union. The other night at 3:00am I was the last person in there and it got super creepy so I left… and then I found 5 dollars.

Semi-notable things that happened in the past week: I found out who my sorority mom(s) were. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out from the clues who it was so when I found out I had two I was super excited (I was the only one who got 2, suck it). After that we had “family dinner” at steak and shake and I didn’t have to pay! I also went snowboarding on Saturday with Lei, Derek and Cody. On the second to last time I went down I wiped out and hurt my neck (which is still sore). I also found out that my research paper for social psych that was supposed to be due Thursday got postponed until after break, which was a total life saver!

Today I peed in a cup. Which gave me flashbacks from when I was a child and had to do that at checkups and Dr. Powell’s office (I thought that you should know who my pediatrician was). After that I took the paper to the Dock and then picked up my other papers. I swear the two people working probably though I was a total spaz, which quite possibly may be true, because the wind blew and held the door open and blew some candy off the shelf, so I quickly picked up the candy and ran to shut the door. I guess you had to be there to understand.

I also had the Joy of running the mile today, which was not cool because I’ve been lifting weight not running!!! We had to get it under 8 minutes, but I got 6 minutes 58 seconds which is pretty slow. We also did four 200’s and four laps of the bleachers. Basically Howard sucks.

I was looking at tall girl problems on pinterest and they pretty much explain my life. #1. No, I do not play basketball. #59. Boob-to-face hugs. #38. When you go into the bathroom stall and realize you can see over the stalls.

My plans for spring break are to go to Columbia with Guano to hang with Lei, crafts and bum around. Pit is going to Colorado, but he won’t take me with him so thats unfortunate.

Since the last post was a Beiber post I have to leave you with my playlist for the week:

1. Naive – The Kooks (you may recognize from 17 again, or maybe not, thats embarrassing)

2. The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells

3. Called Out in the Dark – Snow Patrol

4. Don’t Stop – Foster the People

Keep it Classy. That is all.


P.S: BTW Foster the People and the Kooks are going to be at Buzz Beachball. I’m so going.

P.P.S: I love P.S.-ing

Also, what the heck is up with people posting pictures of brooms standing up on there own!? I just don’t understand.

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