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Thursday to Thursday

13 Dec

Well. It’s been exactly a week since I’ve been home. The amount of productiveness (not sure if that is a word either) that has been occurring in my life is about… none. I might or might have not told you guys, but I signed up for Netflix for the free month. And that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. I finished watching the 2 seasons of DC Cupcakes, watched almost a full season of Grey’s Anatomy, half a season of How I Met Your Mother, a handful of episodes of Scrubs, a couple episodes of Downton Abbey, a whole season of Kate Plus 8, half a season of Say Yes to the Dress, and also Parks and Rec. I also watched Pocahontas, Thor, No Strings Attached, Note By Note (a documentary on the making of a Steinway & Sons piano.), and a documentary on the Royals (not the baseball team). Pretty sure I’m missing some. Also I went to the library and checked out season 7 of Boy Meets World. Love that show. Yesterday my mom basically called me lazy for doing nothing but staring at my computer screen. What else am I supposed to do on Christmas break? Whateves.

I have been falling asleep pretty early and waking up super early this week. I think I actually woke up at 5:30 once. But because of that I’ve been able to watch the Today Show a lot this week. That’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Not going to lie.

Anyway, early Saturday morning I’ll be on an airplane leaving Pimpdence for Arizona! Whoop. I love flying. I haven’t really started packing, mainly because I hate it so much. To be honest, I’ll probably end up just throwing things in a suitcase, per usual. The bad thing about traveling with my dad is that he likes to condense things. So I will pack a full load, then when I get to his house he’ll say, “Oh you don’t have that much stuff. You can just put your stuff in our bags.” Then I’ll have to unpack everything. In reality it would be easier to just take my own suitcase. Ai Ya. He also expects me to go without a bag/purse. WHAT!

Obligatory sentence about that kid hitting the principal at Chrisman –> I’ll just say that I’m glad I got out of there when I did. Bad year for WC.

Also, if you need some new Christmas music to listen to, I highly recommend Ben Rector’s Jingles and Bells. Free download of that CD here. He’s definitely one of my favorite artists.

S/O to CATHY and MORG! Happy early birthday, ladies! Glad I can call you awesome people my friends! Welcome to the 20′s! *<|:)

Swipe-y, Swipe-y

11 Oct

That is the noise my debit card makes when I buy things. It made this noise a handful of times today. And my bank account is ever depleting.  Damn the sales and bills!! But I got some pretty good stuff, including some groceries which I was running pretty low on. No cash. No problem. Just swipe-y. Bad logic, but that happened today.

Also today, my car hit the 100,000 mile mark. On the way to the Rec it was kind of close to the mark, so we just drove around the parking lot a few times so I could snap quick picture (and of course post it to instagram) of the moment. I’m pretty sure the people walking to their cars probably though I was a creeper. Whateves. YOHTTMO (you only hit ten-thousand miles once). Been through some good times with that car. This is a sentimental moment in my life. Mostly joking. LOL.

This past weekend I started to watch the show Downton Abbey. It has 2 completed seasons and is already a couple episodes into the 3 season. I watched all of the episodes, all about an hour long, and sometimes a little bit longer, in 3 days. Being productive at its finest. I don’t know what it is about British things that I like so much… It’s probably because of their accents and their proper way of speaking. Like this:

I don’t know about you, but that sounds way cooler. 🙂


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