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Patriotic Procrastination

10 Oct

Hello friends.

Overall this week has been better than last week, which I’m not too surprised since last week sucked so bad.

Friday night I had my first “Ambassadors” shindig which was kind of lame because I didn’t even have anything to do. It was about 12 degrees outside and someone told me to ask all the alumni’s that came in if I could take their coat, but guess what? They all said no because they were still cold. So then I just stood around. Helpful right?

Saturday morning, my mom and Becky and Carrie came to visit for family day. Mom and Carrie went to Rolla to visit Becky on Friday night and then came here Saturday. My dad didn’t come because he had his 30 year high school reunion. We had fun, my mom sewed me some curtains for my room and we played DVD Bingo which I WON THE VERY FIRST ROUND! And my mom won too. #redemption

We went to a Chinese place for dinner, went to the hotel, and then went to Andy’s Frozen Custard because I love that place and I love any excuse to eat ice cream or custard or whatever. Oh and did I mention I started feeling crappy that afternoon because of certain “woman troubles”? Well they caused me to not want to get out of bed on Sunday morning so we checked out of the hotel at about 11 which was like the latest time you could possibly leave. We went to a flea market and I got a coffee pot for $5, then we went to Braum’s for lunch and then everyone left.

Monday I went to the doctor (mom’s idea) to talk to them about anxiety. We get free visits to the doctor here because we pay a health fee that covers it. They did a blood test and I didn’t even cry, but the bad news is that I wasn’t as flawless with my peeing in a cup as I was last time :/ Then I had a meeting with all the new employees for my new job. It was just filling out tax forms and paperwork, ew.

Yesterday my Adapting to Climate Change teacher decided we aren’t going to have any tests this semester (the first one was supposed to be next week). Also, here’s an embarrassing story that happened to me when I registered to vote yesterday (which I believe was the last possible day you could even register if you want to vote in November).

Me: (parallel park like a boss between two cars in front of the county courthouse)

Awkward man in his mid-thirties: (about to walk by my car)

Me: (get out of my car and walk towards the stairs)

Awkward man in his mid-thirties: (walks by my car)

Me: (attempt to push “lock” button on my keychain and push PANIC instead and my car starts panicking louder than I’ve ever heard it before)

Awkward man in his mid-thirties: (jumps about 30 feet into the air)

Me: (can’t figure out how to turn “panic” off for about 5 seconds or more)

Me: “This is so embarrassing. I’m so sorry.”

Awkward man in his mid-thirties: “That’s okay. Do you know where to go to register to vote?”

And thus a great 5-minute friendship was born as we walked into the courthouse, side-by-side, boldly searching out the acclaimed voter registration room 114.

And so I registered and that was that.

Nothing else is very noteworthy, except that I just got a free t-shirt, my lunch this afternoon consisted of one lunch item and three desserts, and later I have 4-hour CPR training. Oh joy.


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