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Wednesday (technically Thursday)

20 Dec

Well this is my obligatory Wednesday post for the week, although it will probably be my last one until school starts again in like 5 weeks (woohoo).

Because on Friday, I leave for Germany!!! Hip hip hooray! So then 1/3 of our chrisman2college crew will be in the lovely continent of Europe.

So what have I been doing this week in preparation? Monday my mom gave me my credit card for the first time and I went on a shopping spree for myself. Tuesday I dyed part of my hair purple, because you know what, I’m 20 and  #YOLO. Today I went shopping for craft supplies to make Christmas gifts for Moritz and his sister, and this evening I made said gifts. And painted my toenails.  And dyed some more of my hair. (#YOLO)

But guess what one thing I haven’t been doing is? If you guessed packing, then you’d be correct. I never pack until the last possible minute. And my room is still in disarray from coming home from college, because I never unpack either. I haven’t even begun to sort through what’s clean, what’s dirty, what I need to take, etc… and I probably won’t until a few hours before I leave for the airport. Also this is probably the reason I always realize something I forgot when I get to the airport, like last time it was toothpaste in a 3 oz or less tube, so I had to buy some for like $7 at the airport gift shop so when I arrived in Germany 12 hours later my breath wouldn’t smell.

Ummm, in case you hadn’t heard, I got all A’s and a C+ this semester, making this my first “C” ever (or at least when it actually counts) since 6th grade when I got it in band for never turning in my practice records. Thank you, Calculus, for thwarting my opportunity for the Dean’s List this semester. I’m so excited to be done with math FOREVER though 🙂

Well, talk to you all in about 3 and 1/2 weeks and I’ll send you postcards, I think I have everyone’s address!



27 Sep

Hey everyone!

So Friday we went to the girls soccer game. Besides missing out on the free shirts it was really exciting! Afterwards we went to Mizzou After Dark and we crafted it up and got some free Jimmy Johns, which was good because we were both pretty hungry after the game. Here’s my very first crayon canvas that I made there…

The line for that craft was HELLA long. But I’m happy with the way it turned out for the most part. I was expecting it to be worse. We also made ModgePodge coasters. Overall, it was a pretty good night.

Anyway, at the soccer game, I started to notice that I had a tickle in my throat. And all that day, my nose had been runny. The runny nose I didn’t think much of because I normally have allergies, but the tickle PLUS a runny nose…!! I was definitely catching something. So Saturday night we went to Wally World (where Kens had her encounter with “women problems”) to get some NyQuill and DayQuill (except I got the WalMart brand because I’m living on a college kid budget and still don’t have a job). The first few days of being sick, I for sure felt like complete crap. No joke. But I’m mostly better as of today, except for some stuffy nose issues. But suffice it to say, I definitely slept a lot this week, used a whole bunch of tissues, ate quite a bit of soup, watched a lot of the premier episodes of a lot of shows on my laptop (some of those shows being Breaking Amish, Dancing with the Stars, Parks and Rec, The Office, Glee, Go On, etc.. I might have a TV show addiction… Possibly), and procrastinated doing my homework/studying more than I usually do. I’m blaming it on the sickness.

Today me and Kens went to B-Dubs for Boneless Thursdays  It was worth it. Asian Zing is the way to go. I’m not just saying that because I’m Asian either.

Tomorrow we only have to be on campus for 2 hours because our Sociology class got canceled because we have a test Monday. #winning. Also Monday is the Florence and the Machine CONCERT!!! I’m super excited because I’m really ready to go home for a tiny break from school and also because IT IS GOING TO BE MY FIRST CONCERT EXPERIENCE!!! AHHHHH!! I’m super excited!! And since my class on Tuesday got canceled (also because of an exam) I won’t have to worry about coming back to CoMo in a hurry. But that definitely means I’m going to be studying all weekend. Yaaaaaaaay…..

I saw this video before I was about to start this post… I’m sure you guys will enjoy it. What’s not to enjoy? Elmo, good. Zac Efron, AWESOME!

What happened to his YOLO tattoo though?!

Alright I’ve got to finish my biology homework.
Peace out, broskis!


PS. If you guys haven’t checked out Mumford & Sons new album, you definitely should. It’s sooooo good!

Women Troubles.

25 Sep

Friday night we decided to go to the Women’s Soccer game. They were giving out free shirts to the first 500 fans, regretfully we were not one of those fans. We stayed for the entire game and they beat Ole Miss 2-1! While we were headed back to the car we saw Michael Dixon, it was pretty cool. After that we went to an event they were having in Memorial Student Union. Basically they had free food and crafts. We ended up making Modge-Podge coasters and melty crayon art.

Saturday Guano and me went to walk around downtown because there was a Roots and Blues festival going on. Tickets were too expensive, but they had some stuff around the festival and a free stage where we saw a couple guys perform, one of which was only wearing overalls with no shirt. Then we went on the search to find the only Quick trip in Columbia. To our surprise the drinks are 79 cents all the time there! Next we went to Walmart because Guano needed some necessities like cough medicine. Well, I was just looking at the nail polish, minding my own business, and a guy came up to me and asks, “Can I ask you a question?” He looked a little uneasy, so I was thinking, oh god this guy better not be asking me for money. Well here’s the rest of the dialogue:

Guy: “My eleven year old daughter just started her period, could you tell me what I should get for her, she’s pretty small.”

Me: “Yeah sure.” Then I proceed to show him which pads he should get. “I think these would probably be best for her.” Then I go down the aisle a little bit and ask, “Now, what about tampons?”

Guy: “I don’t really want her using those” (probs because he was not about to show her how to shove them up her hoo-ha and I was not about to argue with him.)

Me: “Alright, well I think these are going to your best bet” while pointing to said pads.

Guy: “Thank you.”

Me: “No problem.” I proceed to walk away.

I later saw the guy walking by and smiled at him. I feel like I did my good deed for the day lol.

I bought this sweatshirt at the Thrift store and got some fabric and sewed a pocket on it. I didn’t have any pins so it was not an easy task, but I think it looks pretty dope.

Currently I’m reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” so I can go watch the movie. I haven’t gotten very far yet, but it’s a little weird. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Keep it Classy.


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