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7 Feb

Hey guys. To be honest, this week, like most of your weeks, have been pretty dull. Not all that much is exciting in my life.

Remember how in my last few posts I talked about not wanting to do anything academically productive? Well the bad news is that it is all finally catching up to me. I have a paper due tomorrow, a test on Tuesday, multiple online assignments, and like a million readings to catch up on. I don’t know how people live like this for extended periods of time, just not caring about a single class. Maybe it’s just the Asian-ness in me. LOL. But I already regret not doing anything so much! And I just have so much stress right now and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why my eye has been twitching non-stop for like the past 3 days. Actually I’m not for sure that’s the reason why, I might just have low potassium levels. Haha. But the good news is my sickness/cold is subsiding! Yay!!

Anyway did I mention I hate Thursdays? I believe I already have. But I’m saying it again. And actually I don’t hate every Thursday, just every other Thursday where I’m on campus until 7ish. Today was that Thursday. My last class is probably the stupidest class ever. Mainly because it is really unorganized and every time the professor talks, I just kind of automatically tune her out because she speaks like 5 words a minute. And also because it goes until 6:35. And I am usually starving by the end of it.

Tomorrow I start my 3 day, seasonal job working at the Candy Factory. I’m only working a total of about 9 hours for the Valentine’s holiday. But it pays pretty well, more than I was expecting. And honestly, my bank account is looking pretty pathetic at the moment. What I earn will help cover some bills, so I’m actually pretty stoked!

Sunday is CHINESE NEW YEAR! And I’m really excited but I don’t really have any plans. My mother is going to StL with my Grandmother, Aunt, and one of my cousins for an Asian CNY celebration. And my other cousins invited me to go eat Dim Sum Sunday morning back home. So there’s a possibility I might be going back this weekend… If I decide to be productive and finish a majority of my studying and homework that is…


A Whole Lot of Random

13 Sep

Hey guys!

To be honest.. I’m not too sure what to write about. This week has been pretty mediocre. So just an FYI, this post is probably going to be kind of random and probably won’t have much structure at all. Lol.

Me and Kendyl have been going to play tennis quite a bit after our tennis tryout fiasco. Sometimes I don’t feel like going, but after hitting, I’m usually glad I ended up going. It’s keeping me active-ish so that’s good.

Friday was the 25% off everything at the bookstore again. I invested in a new green CamelBak water bottle and new t-shirt. Worth the money. Haha!

Monday after we got home from class, I watched the entirety of the US Open finals between Murray vs. Djokovic. It was worth my time  as well as a very entertaining match. I was probably leaning more towards Djokovic to win, just because I like him a little bit better than Murray, but I’m really glad that Murray ended up winning because he certainly deserves it. And it’s historic for Great Britain as well. And I’m all about the Brits. Haha!

Yesterday we went to the first Student Nurses Association meeting of the year. There are so many people in that orginization. I swear I thought it was going to be smaller. We showed up late, but not on purpose. Just so happened that the meeting is a 5. Prime rush hour. And also most of campus is 4 way stops. And everyone and their mom was parking on campus, so we spent a good 20 mins or so I would say, driving around looking for a place to park. There was also a fall-fest thing on campus at that time too so that’s probably added to the traffic as well.

During our 2 hour break in between some classes we’ve been going down to the basement of the student union. It’s a un-official quite area. They have super comfy couches there. And I finally took a nap on the couches yesterday. It was nice. Except there was a creepy guy that sat across from my couch. And he wore polarized sunglasses as he was napping… at least I think and hope he was napping…

I think I’m getting a little bit homesick. It’s not that I don’t love Columbia and Mizzou. I really do love it. It’s very much the type of environment I wanted for college. But I just miss the familiarity I had with Independence (as much as I really do hate the city), and familiar faces, etc. And definitely my mom and family too… I mean at Jewell, I was around the KC area, so being homesick and going home was never really an issue. I was 20 minutes from home. whoop-dee-do. Now I’m 2 hours away. And gas is $3.79 a gallon. (WTF.) It’s definitely been quite the change from what I’ve been used to. Not sure if I could’ve moved all the way out to CO. I applaud you, Morg. But I guess it just takes time adjusting to it all.

Also, I think I’ve hit the sophomore slump as well. I have little to no motivation to do much of anything academic. Which is bad because I have 2 tests next week and my parents have been on my case about being lazy. But I mean I’d rather be watching tv shows than reading about nutrition. Admit it. You would too. It’s also getting harder and harder to wake up for class every morning. Seriously guys, how did we ever make it through high school?

Also, since most of our classes are introductory levels, we get stuck with mostly freshmen. Not the cool freshmen. The annoying ones. Especially in biology. The other day, two sorority girls sat behind us and all through class all we could hear was them giggling. I honestly could have punched them both. And the athletes. Just don’t sit next to them. I could punch them as well. I just don’t understand why they choose to go to class because they don’t do anything but talk to each other during class.

Anyway on a positive note, I got a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks after class today. It was so good. And now I only need 6 more stars before I reach the gold level! I should have 7 stars left, but I think there was a glitch and I got two instead of just one. Whateves! Get’s me closer to my gold card!

My last pay check goes into my account tomorrow. And it’s also black and gold Friday again at the bookstore. Not a good combo.

And also, I’m really digging this weather we’ve been having. Ahhh… hoodie and jeans weather. I opened my room’s windows today and just listened to it rain for like 10 minutes. It was relaxing. Legit.

Alright, that’s all I got for this week!


I’m getting old.

9 Feb

Today I am officially 19.5 years old. (It is also Derek’s birthday. Happy birthday Beibs.) And it really got me thinking. I’m almost out of my teens!! I mean I still have 6 more months… But then that’s it!!! Then I’ll be 20! Woah, man… That shit cray.

In other news…
Remember how I blogged about my first symphony rehearsal and how I told you there was a photo shoot because some local magazine was doing a feature on the Liberty Symphony? Well here’s the article that the picture is in. I saw it and was like “EW.” For one I look like I had been smoking something…. Good thing I don’t roll like that (LOL. that was punny). Anyway my first Symphony concert is one week from Saturday, so I’m getting nervous about that because we don’t get a lot of time to practice as a whole group. But thankfully there are professionals that actually know what their doing. Also Bryan Busby, the weather guy, plays the timpani with the Liberty Symphony! So that should be exciting (I’m probably the only person that’s excited by that, lol)!

Also today in my written communications class, we went over the differences between their, there, and they’re as well as the differences between your and you’re, and it’s and its. And before we talked about that, we talked about pronouns and how to use them. I can’t believe I’m paying money to go to that class. SMH.

Anyway, that’s all for now.
Peace out, girl scout.


This post is very random. FYI

3 Feb

Today I saw a video on breading cats. I dont know if you’ve heard of it before. But here’s a picture.

I’m not the biggest fan of cats (for one I’m allergic but depending on which cat they are, they can be cute) but I found this rather hilarious.

Anyway, XGames were freaking awesomely ganstalicious and nothing less!! My appreciation for Shaun White has definitely gone up. And seeing him make history by getting a perfect score was so so so great! I’m sure it’ll be something I tell my kids one day. LOL.
Also, I ended up joining a sorority– the little bit socially awkward sorority (i had no other choice actually. there are some girls I know I’ll be okay being around and have a good time and what-not, but there are others that I don’t think I would have said a word to ever if I wasn’t in this sorority). I’m not sure how well it will go, I just have to see. But I can almost safely say that I will be flat broke if I don’t get a job soon. I just emailed a lady about getting a job on campus. We’ll see how that goes… I’ll keep you updated.
Last night I didn’t go to bed until about 2.30. Not good when you have class at 7.45. I totally didn’t even hear my alarm go off the 7 times it did. When I woke up, I was like “Hum… it’s awfully bright outside for 7 am” little did I know it was 7.43. I got ready in like 5 minutes (probably a record time).

That it for now. Hope you’re all swell!

Look what I found in my psych book!!

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