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Good Lorde. I’m finally employed!

26 Sep

On Saturday we went to the Plaza Art Fair. We probably spent more time looking for a parking spot than we did actually looking at art. But in all honesty, it was pretty cool, like a classier SCG. What was cooler were the dogs everyone had brought with them. Some were so TINY and SO CUTE!! After we walked around for 30ish minutes, we were all starved, so we went to Oklahoma Joe’s. Can’t go wrong with a Z-Man.

My uncle from HK/NZ is in town to visit for two months, so on Sunday we had a HUGE family dinner. There were so many aswans in my house, and so much yum-yum in my tum-tums. I hope my mom continues these huge family dinners for the next few weeks because that’s when she cooks the really good stuff.

Also, as of yesterday at 3pm, I am officially employed at the local HV, guys. How cool is that?! Well it’s probably not that cool. I had to sit through a 3.5 hour orientation complete with 2 videos, lots of paper work, and a tour of the store. I’m actually kind of sort of excited to start, mainly for the paycheck though.  Next week I have sacker training. LOL. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Also yesterday, I got an email from my advisor with the subject line of “School of Nursing” that was marked with high importance by the little red exclamation mark. I avoided opening it until after my orientation at HV, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be an emotional wreck. After putting it off, I get back and try to open it only for the infamous Hyde Park WiFi to be an enormous pile of you-know-what. Finally after what felt like a year the wifi worked long enough for me to open it. She was just letting everyone know that the School of Nursing’s phones were down and that they were trying to get the fixed asap. Yep. I was pissed. And I freaked out for nothing. Now I have to wait some more…

Tomorrow is BuzzBeachball. And I am SO excited. AHH!!

Also Lorde’s new album isn’t out yet but it’ streaming here, and it is soooooooooo AWESOME. I am literally obsessed with her and her new single Team. I have listened to it probably close to a bajillion times. Okay just kidding, I’m not even sure I know how much a bajillion is, but you get the idea.

Peace out, girl scouts.

Pee in a cup.

6 Mar

The past couple weeks have been a blur. I’ve slept a little and studied a lot. I practically live in the Union. The other night at 3:00am I was the last person in there and it got super creepy so I left… and then I found 5 dollars.

Semi-notable things that happened in the past week: I found out who my sorority mom(s) were. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out from the clues who it was so when I found out I had two I was super excited (I was the only one who got 2, suck it). After that we had “family dinner” at steak and shake and I didn’t have to pay! I also went snowboarding on Saturday with Lei, Derek and Cody. On the second to last time I went down I wiped out and hurt my neck (which is still sore). I also found out that my research paper for social psych that was supposed to be due Thursday got postponed until after break, which was a total life saver!

Today I peed in a cup. Which gave me flashbacks from when I was a child and had to do that at checkups and Dr. Powell’s office (I thought that you should know who my pediatrician was). After that I took the paper to the Dock and then picked up my other papers. I swear the two people working probably though I was a total spaz, which quite possibly may be true, because the wind blew and held the door open and blew some candy off the shelf, so I quickly picked up the candy and ran to shut the door. I guess you had to be there to understand.

I also had the Joy of running the mile today, which was not cool because I’ve been lifting weight not running!!! We had to get it under 8 minutes, but I got 6 minutes 58 seconds which is pretty slow. We also did four 200’s and four laps of the bleachers. Basically Howard sucks.

I was looking at tall girl problems on pinterest and they pretty much explain my life. #1. No, I do not play basketball. #59. Boob-to-face hugs. #38. When you go into the bathroom stall and realize you can see over the stalls.

My plans for spring break are to go to Columbia with Guano to hang with Lei, crafts and bum around. Pit is going to Colorado, but he won’t take me with him so thats unfortunate.

Since the last post was a Beiber post I have to leave you with my playlist for the week:

1. Naive – The Kooks (you may recognize from 17 again, or maybe not, thats embarrassing)

2. The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells

3. Called Out in the Dark – Snow Patrol

4. Don’t Stop – Foster the People

Keep it Classy. That is all.


P.S: BTW Foster the People and the Kooks are going to be at Buzz Beachball. I’m so going.

P.P.S: I love P.S.-ing

Also, what the heck is up with people posting pictures of brooms standing up on there own!? I just don’t understand.

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