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Busy Semester

30 Jan

Hey, friends. I apologize for being absent from the blog. I’m just finally getting settled into my routine.

Break was too short, as it always seems to be. I spent most of it watching Netflix, lounging, eating, and hanging out with you lot, of course. And I also learned to SKI. THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I also got a Tumblr, which was a bad idea because I already spend too much of my time on other forms of social media. Now this just further takes up my time and also feeds my unhealthy obsessions with Benedict Cumberbatch and the like.

School has been going smoothly. I’m taking classes at MU and Central Methodist. It’s kind of a long story but I’m at CMU so I can apply to their nursing school at the end of the semester. I’m currently at 17 credit hours, which is the most I have ever taken. However, the best part is that my classes don’t start until 11 and I have Fridays off!

I’m mainly taking electives at Mizzou because I’m waiting to get into nursing school. However, most of them are quite challenging and time consuming. Anyway I’m enrolled in Public Speaking, Intro to Art and Biology Lab at MU. I’m enrolled in 3 classes at CMU. Religion, Pathophysiology, and Literature. The later two are online and all 3 are prerequisites to apply for nursing at CMU.

My favorite classes so far are Public Speaking and Intro to Art. Both of my instructors (actually all of them) at MU are all Grad Students and they’re all pretty chill. I had to give a 3 minute speech the other day in Public Speaking and I’m pretty sure that was the worst 3 minutes of my life. I always get shaky and my face gets really hot (which probably means that it’s also super red) when I have to do something in front of a crowd. But I think I’m going to like that class because I get to write about what I want to talk about, not some analysis of a book that I didn’t want to read. My art class is 3 hours long, but it is definitely a nice stress reliever.

I’ve decided to cut back on hours at the good ol’ HV since I’m taking so many credits. I figured 10 is about good, but now I’m kind of regretting it because I really need money to pay for school/school things. But school is taking up a lot of time. It’s really a never ending cycle.

In terms of nursing school, I turned in my application on Monday. Interviews are next Friday. And in the midst of all of that, I already have a huge pile of projects and assignments to complete. Plus we’ve got birthdays to celebrate next week!! EEKKK!! We’re all getting so old! 😉

Peace out, girl scouts.


PS. HAPPY EARLY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Not home for it this year unfortunately. #sadpanda


14 Jan

This weekend (actually today) Tori and I rearranged our room. Bunk beds= more room for activities! Except we need ideas for activities….
Let me tell you about my life since Christmas Break:
Sunday, left with so many bags it was ridiculous. Ran on to the plane and sat next to a sleeping man. He woke up to order a drink, and eat his pretzels aka the greatest person to sit next to on a plane. Besides the sleeping man, there was 2 crying babies, a very talkative old man sitting directly behind me, and a cat. A girl brought her CAT on an airplane: gross.
This week, I’ve gone to class, avoided the dining hall as much as possible, heard too much talk about the Broncos and Patriots, and gone grocery shopping.
Classes are tough and I don’t want them. Oh and I have so many pictures up on my walls and I just lost some wall space and have to find new homes for these pictures (mostly of you guys) and my new wall is the same size but you can’t really see the pictures unless you get all the way into my room, but I will be oooohTay. This new picture dilemma means I get to buy new frames and photo collages! I like these things a lot.
Well that’s all for now!
Enjoy the snow in Missouri while I get to look at dead grass and just plain coldness meh
❤ Morgan

Megan: Fall break is here!!!

13 Oct

After 7 weeks of school, fall break couldn’t come at a better time. Last week was probably the most stressful because I had a paper due on Monday and a math test on Tuesday. Granted, I probably procrastinated a lot. But it was also homecoming week, which came with activities that conveniently happened during the time I usually do homework.
Homecoming week activities included The Mabee Games (kind of like Olympics, but with tug-of-war, human pyramid, and a HUGE SLIP AND SLIDE ON THE GYM FLOOR!), Casino Night (it was a black tie affair and there was poker tables and dancing and getting dressed up), and Campus Sing (basically Glee but a Capella) and every event was pretty much a pep-rally as well with a lot of screaming for the spirit stick, which the first years never won. Saturday’s football game was bad. Me, Kendyl and LeiLei left after halftime and we ended up losing to SBU, 0-35.
Monday this week was one of those weird days where you could tell everyone on campus was just having “one of those days” plus it was cloudy and rainy. Everyone was just exhausted from homecoming week and fall break was looming and everyone was just ready for break… that was me anyway.

So as many of you know, I’m currently taking violin lessons here. And they’ve been going really really well actually. My goal coming to Jewell and doing music was to eventually get into the symphony. And my professor told me at the beginning of the semester that I could potentially be ready for the symphony by my sophomore year or possibly my 2nd semester of my first year. He told me a couple weeks ago that I should start thinking about whether or not I want to do symphony because he says I’m on that level!! I didn’t think it would happen so quickly though. And ever since that week, he’s been pushing it and it’s so hard to resist…. So hopefully my schedule for next semester will include symphony! I’m so excited!!! And also today (well yesterday if you want to get techincal) I got new music (a big deal from a musician)!!! Salut d’Amour by Elgar. It’s really pretty if you want to youtube it. But don’t expect me to be that good if you ever hear me play it!

Tonight we went out to the Cheesecake Factory for Lei’s birthday. It was quite fun and I got really full on the Factory Burger and Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake. The people sang to Lei when they brought out her cheesecake… but she got really embarrassed. Haha! She also left her glasses in my car and couldn’t read the menu. Then she asked if anyone would walk back to the car (parked over by Barnes and Noble) with her to get them, and after nose-goes-ing, I was chosen, unfortunately. Lame-o.

Currently I’m at my dad’s house. I’ll be leaving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tomorrow morning to visit my cousin and her new baby daughter (She doesn’t have Eye Flaps)! I’m so excited. She’s sent me a few pictures and she’s supers cute! 🙂

That’s all for now from Indepimpdence! Hope all is well with you all where ever you are! Miss you lots!

P.S. I had to take Zac and Dasha home today…. I’ll update later with that inside info.

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