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19 Feb

Don’t worry guys, I’m talking about ski poles….

The past week has gone by exceptionally fast considering my least favorite holiday started it all. Monday night, Tori and I went to see The Vow. Such a good movie and great company too.Then Valentines Day….. bleh. Thanks for the Valentines by the way! Kendyl, you are too creative and cute for your own good, Cathy- I loved all the buttons and the color scheme was perfect! I also got flowers! So sweet, it actually made me like Tuesday. (And who cares if they were from my grandparents…) Valentines Day wasn’t actually all that of a big deal like I thought it might be. I had Biology Lab from 7-10pm so my TA was my hot date. And actually it was a little awk because we were studying plant reproduction and, don’t get me wrong I really like my lab TA, but some of the things he was talking about just made flower sex lab on Valentines Day awk. Oh and it didn’t really help that I stayed late to have him quiz me (like I always do because bio is dumb) and I was the last one in there.. I don’t know man, I don’t know.

Another exciting thing that happened this week occurred on Thursday night. I’m taking a theatre class and we had to see a show. Dancing at Lughnasa. It was different but I really loved it and I wish I could be in a show.Actually, I just want to be Glinda the Good Witch in the Broadway musical Wicked.

Then Friday was a blur because I was supa pumped to go skiing! But to meet up with the AFS kids aka my bro from Spain to get my lift ticket, Tori and I were going to have to leave Cow-Town at 6am. Not happenin’. So the Broyer’s booked us a hotel in Old Town Winter Park for the night. We ate at Hernando’s which is known for there inside decor and great Italian food;

Baked Rigatoni and Cheese Ravioli and a family sized portion of bread (I just love taking pictures of my food... is that weird?)

we stayed at some hotel, which was really cute and had huge beds that felt like clouds compared to our plastic mats we sleep on here. And finally skiing at Winter Park! HOLY COW. Ski trip to Winter Park is the best Christmas present ever. I have been so stressed and worried about school and almost miserable because of a few events that have happened this past week (they are irrelevant) that this trip could not have come at a better time.

Skiing with my bro from Spain

Here I am with Nacho, somewhere close to the top of the mountain at Winter Park.

 Overall, the best part of the week is that I’m alive! I survived a stressful week and skiing for the first time. (I am not too bad at skiing either, I did a lot better this time than when we went to Snow Creek)
Next thing I want to conquer: water skiing or parasailing.
-Morgan the Adventurer
Now it’s time to rearrange the room! Goodbye bunk beds!

oh dear, here come the tears..

30 Jan

So this week I cried a lot.
1. Half of my friends from Missouri went to the X-games. I live in Colorado and I could not go. I am so sad. I feel like I missed out on a great opportunity and really awesome memories… here come the tears..
2. During biology lab on tuesday I had to stay until 9:30pm looking at different kinds of bacteria and archaea and protists and other stuff. Then my lab instructor was telling me everything I need to know for the lab practical and I thought he was talking to me in a different language. I know nothing about biology and I CANNOT get bad grades this semester. And then came the tears…
3. I literally just got a text from Kendyl saying that she saw history be made, in person, by Shaun White. I am so happy that you all saw that with your very own eyes! Here are some more tears… (of joy this time)
4. I got in the hot tub at Tori’s on friday night. There was snow on the ground, steam rising from the heat of the water, clear dark skies, and stars shining so bright. So beautiful, there might have been a tear or two…. (might is the key word)
5. Doug (Tori’s dad) made this delicious chili. There were 8 ghost peppers in it. I don’t know if you know what those are but they are so hot. My mouth was on fire, my nose was running, and then cames the tears…..
6. I found out some great news when I was talking to my best friend (but I don’t know if I can post the news on here or anything)! So I cried a little bit…
7. Saturday night I got in the hot tub again with Tori. This was some great bonding time and I don’t know what I would do without her and her family here in Colorado with me. We talked about school, boys, the future, friends, drama, and how unknown my life is. Really, tears were in my eyes…
8. I miss you all! There are so many great things happening here and I want to share everything, but its tough to have almost two totally separate lives. Although only Kansas is in between us I just have had an overwhelming feeling of things changing this week/semester/year. I know that that is what this blog is for, and this week especially, I am thankful for it.
Tonight I’m not feeling too sad. Some new friendships I thought would last a lifetime are fading fast but I think it’s for the better. Some friendships are growing stronger and deeper than I could have hoped and I’m loving this floor more and more. I am feeling more connected to this school than I really wanted to but that’s not a bad thing at all. I can tell you one thing: this week is going to be a tough one. I have a lot of tough decisions to make and all of them are big ones.

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