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Bad Day Thursday

24 Jan

It’s only been 3 days since the semester has started and already I’m counting down the days until spring break. I really would just rather be at home not having to worry about school. But so far I think I’m going to really enjoy the classes I’m taking. They will be challenging and time consuming for sure. But luckily I don’t have any 8ams this semester. Yay!

Today was the worst of all the days thus far. It did start off pretty nice though.

I had some extra time this morning and was able to get a cinnamon crunch bagel. And me and Kens “purchased” Passion Pit/Matt and Kim concert tickets (thank goodness for student charge). They’ll be on campus in about a month! Super excited about that. It’s after this that everything started to go downhill. Mainly because I didn’t have much time to grab lunch. Before Micro bio, I did have a package of granola bar. After that I had another class from 430-630pm. Through out the whole class I was thinking about food. More specifically, mashed potatoes and gravy and chicken fingers. So after class, I’m cranky because I haven’t had substantial food since 9am. And when I was driving, I was driving, crankily too and almost hit 2 cars. Yikes. Then I realized that my gas tank was low. When I pulled up to the HyVee gas station, for some reason (I blame the hunger and low energy) I forgot which side my gas tank is on and I pull up on the wrong side. So I drive around again thinking I pulled up to the correct side only to realize that I AGAIN pulled up to the wrong side. At that point I was like, okay I’m just going to restart at a different gas station. 3rd time is the charm I guess. I decide to reward my efforts with Taco Bell. THEN later me and Kens decided to go to the Rec. We were pretty much on campus when my brain decides to remind me that I left my Student ID in my backpack, which was sitting on the floor in my room. Lovely. So I drop Kens off and drive back to get my ID. Also not to mention it’s freaking cold outside. Yep. Crappy day. Ready for sleep. Ready for the weekend. Rant over.

Anyway that’s the only “interesting” stories I have to share this week. Hope your Thursday has been better than mine! 🙂

Also, Google +? More like Google -. Haha! Hopefully it’ll work better this weekend!


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