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5 May

I have now been home from my winter job working in Colorado for almost a month after coming home early. Five months of snowboarding every day and pushing my limits finally caught up with me about a month ago when I tore my medial meniscus in my right knee while snowboarding ending my season. I was snowboarding way up on the mountain when I felt my knee pop and instantly knew that I had torn something and my season was done, but I didn’t want to end 100+ days of snowboarding with a ride down the mountain on a ski patrol snowmobile. So I snowboarded the 2 miles down the mountain with all my weight on my good leg unable turn in any direction. A few days later I said my goodbyes packed up my stuff and headed home ending what had been a insanely fun winter.

A few weeks after I came home on Saturday April 20 I heard about a massive backcountry avalanche 600 feet wide and 8 feet deep that killed 5 people at Loveland Pass 20 minutes from where I lived in Colorado. Hearing about it gave me the chills, because for the last month I was in Colorado Loveland Pass had been my favorite place to snowboard and I would typically ride there every Friday and Saturday to get away from the big weekend crowds at the resorts. I always knew I was taking a risk when snowboarding there, and I would only go with at the least a group of 3 people who along with me all had an avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe. Having the proper rescue gear always made me feel more than safe enough to take the risk of snowboarding backcountry. But all 5 people who died also had the proper safety gear, the avalanche was just so massive that it left nobody to dig them out. Hearing about the avalanche made me glad I was home, because had I not torn my meniscus and came home from Colorado a month early I probably would have been at the pass snowboarding that entire day one last time before coming home on the 21 and at some point I would have snowboarded that same zone the avalanche occurred in and who knows.


I had a MRI on my knee a few weeks ago after which my doctor informed me my medial meniscus is torn and I need to have surgery to repair it on May 31. This will be my second knee surgery in the last 10 months and third surgery in the last year and a half all results of dirt jumping, mountain biking and snowboarding accidents. Since talking with my doctor I have decided to quit mountain biking for a while and to quit dirt jumping forever. I have been thinking a lot about my personal health and the fact that I want to be able to walk and care for myself when I get old, so I have also considered quitting snowboarding. But snowboarding is my favorite sport so I can’t get myself to give it up, I can however give up on my hopes of one day competitively snowboarding. Over the last few winters while trying to reach the competitive level I constantly pushed my limits to far causing several close calls with serious injuries, 5 dislocated shoulders and several bad tumbles along with one avalanche that I was lucky to ride away from all leading to me ultimately re injuring my knee. So from now on I am done taking risk with my physical health.

Also last week I got a gym membership at Planet Fitness

Sorry I haven’t posted much these last few months, I just got my computer back after sending it in for repairs three separate times.

Total days I Snowboarded this winter: 129

Peace, Love, And Happiness

Live A little


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