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Arm Muscles.

28 Feb

Ya I have them. Who wants to arm wrestle?

My arms are in pain right now as I type this, due to a little thing called “push up Thursday” and today which didn’t have a nice name, I just refer to it as “Holly shit that sucked.”

Homework, Soccer, Zeta stuff, and working have taken over my life. I never seem to have time to relax. Most nights I stay up past 2:00am doing homework and then go to class at 7:45am (well when I actually go). This semester might be the death of me.

This week is “Mom Dot week” and what that means is that I get presents! Sunday night I got strawberry stuff, last night I got tons of bunnies, and I’m not sure what I will get tonight!

Last week I made a video for the blog, but I couldn’t post it so that was unfortunate.

I have to go shower and have places to go. Sorry, that this blog post is so boring, I just don’t have time to zest (not the same as zesty, Derek) it up.

Keep it Classy.


P.S. Morgan has the Marina guy emailed you back yet?

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