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End of the Semester Woes

13 Apr

I feel like posting late is going to become a regular thing with me. I blame it on the fact that there’s only a month left of classes and I’m sort of adapting the honey badger attitude on some issues. I’m just sooooo over this semester.

My break was pretty relaxing for the most part. I slept a lot, caught up on some TV shows, and worked quite a bit. And I got a new phone! A smart phone! Ohhh! Ahhhh! But other than that, I really didn’t do much.

I actually came back to school on Tuesday until late morning since my only class that day didn’t start until 12:25. Tuesday was also TOM’s one day without shoes. I partly participated in that. I was wearing shoes but I got peer pressured into taking them off. I was without shoes for about 4 hours max., I would say. Then that night there was also a small concert with Graham Colton. You should check out his stuff, it’s pretty sweet! Then I stayed up until like 4am studying for stupid anatomy (#storyofmyfreakinglife).  Pretty sure everyone bombed that quiz the next day. The quiz was over FOUR CHAPTERS and ONLY WORTH 10 POINTS. That’s how many chapters our LAST TEST WAS, which was worth 100 POINTS. UGH. Hate that class. That’s my rant for this post.

Yesterday I stayed up until about 3 writing a paper. So today since I was running on minimal sleep two days in a row, I napped for about 4ish hours after lunch. It was great.

Also this week, I found out that there’s not enough room in the complex for me to live in my sorority’s wing! Yes I am partially excited about this because I really didn’t want to live down there next year. Mainly because I just don’t want to be too sororitied-out, if you get what I’m saying. And also because it’s a bit more expensive live there.

Also if you haven’t seen Kendyl’s last post with the videos, I HIGHLY recommend it. More specifically the second video because 1) ZAC EFRON 2) TAYLOR SWIFT and 3) CATCHY SONG. I don’t even know why, but it gets 5 million hits on YouTube. I’m responsible for about a million of those. HAHAHA.



30 Mar

Sorry about yesterday. Good thing no one really blogs on Friday…..

This week has been really stressful. Actually the past few weeks have been really stressful. But this week especially. Anatomy likes to make my life a living hell. I pulled my first all nighter this week for my anatomy test, which in the end probably wasn’t the best idea. The next day I stayed up until 5:30am writing a paper. And the next night I was up until 3ish studying for my anatomy lab exam. Yesterday was the day I really didn’t have much of anything to do, so I really just did nothing, and I actually went to bed before 2, which I don’t think I have done in a while.

On a positive note, I’ve eaten breakfast more times this week than I have the whole semester. And yesterday was steak night! It’s still not the greatest, but it definitely beats the regular food options.

This week was also Greek Week. On Sunday there was a speaker on abuse/bullying. That was interesting… kind of boring. And all I could think about for the most part was how I should be studying for anatomy. But because it was required for all Greeks to be there I was there… Tuesday was the Greek God/Goddess pageant. Yesterday was the Greek Olympics. All the Greek chapters were divided into teams and they just did like relays. It was held in the Mabee Center which doesn’t have AC. So a couple hundred people packed into the gym and everyone moving around was not the greatest without AC. Tonight there’s a Toga Party, but I don’t think I’m going because I have to go home for work tomorrow (yaaaaay…).  But after work tomorrow I’m going to see a ballet!! Supps excited for that!

But yeah, that’s pretty much all that’s happened this week. I’m so ready for it to be summer, guys. No joke.

Keep it classy, bros.


Posting 10 mins before deadline #winning

1 Mar

This week has been pretty busy for me (one of the reasons i’m typing this blog entry at 11:21, I know I’m cutting it close. Don’t burn me at the stake please.)

Monday- Had an anatomy quiz. Pretty much we have to treat the quizzes like tests. They’re pretty hard if not as hard as the tests. Worst feeling in the world is when you feel confident with your answers and get your test/quiz back and realize you were wrong. Sucks to suck bro.

Tuesday- Had an interview with Jackson County Parks and Rec in the morning. I got really paranoid when I arrived to the marina because I wasn’t sure if I was at the right place. The interview itself was kind of interesting. The interviewer told me he didn’t really know how to interview people. And the questions he did prepare to ask me, I apparently was flying through. Which I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing. But anyway I got the job (yay!). Then I went back to Pimpdence because my 12:25 class (also my only class) for the day was canceled. So I went to Poppy’s for a doughnut, lounged around my house for a bit, visited my GMa and Uncle, and visited my dad and step-mom after that and ate lunch with them. Once I got back to Jewell I had symphony rehearsals. And also this is the day I became car-less. My cousin’s car is getting fixed and needed to borrow someone’s car to get to work for the week… That car happened to be mine. Sucks to suck. I’ll get it back this weekend hopefully. Also our “Mom-Dot” week started Tuesday! Got a lot of stuff and t-shirts and stuffed lions (my sorority’s mascot)! They’re so cute! Also, this is the night it stormed like crazy. And pretty much all of the wifi on campus went out until the next afternoon. That was torturer.

Wednesday- Had my violin lesson. Pretty sure my instructor kind of knew I didn’t practice much. I probably practiced a whole 2-3 hours in 2 weeks. I’m supposed to practice 20 mins daily for a total of 2 hours and 20 mins per week. Or 4 hours and 40 mins in two weeks. Whoops. Then for my sorority we had part 1 of 3 initiation ceremony. Then after that I had my symphony concert. I was also paranoid this day because I couldn’t remember if the concert was at 7:30 or 6:30. I asked one person then had to confirm with like 2 other people that it was 7:30. Jist of the story is that I freak out a lot. That went… interestingly to say the least. During one movement of a piece (<– that was music lingo LOL) I’m pretty sure I didnt play a single note. I was lost from the get-go. We’ve had only rehearsed all the music TWICE before the concert. So yeah… interesting. Also we played one song with the Chapel Choir, which Zac Smith sings in. But that piece was actually decent because the singers drowned out our out of tune notes. HAHA.

Today- I actually made it to that one classed I over slept last time on time. And I ate at the Cage (like a fast food shop in the union) twice today. Not good on my stomach to say the least. PAH! probs tmi. Sorry bros. Today I also had part 2 of 3 initiation ceremony for my sorority. And today was the last day for Mom Dot stuff.

Tomorrow is our last initiation cereomy where we’ll  no longer be classified as “new members”. And we’ll be “Deltas” instead! I’m actually kind of excited for that! Also tomorrow is Friday, which I am totally looking forward to because that means SPRING BREAK will be one week away!! I am in dire need of a break.

Also, this week, I’ve gained a new obsession. Its name: One Direction. The next hottest boy band ever. They’re British!!!! And really good looking. However most of them are a bit younger than me but there is one that’s a couple months older than me. He’s definitely my fav. Me and Lei pretty much listen to their 3 singles that have been released in the States on repeat. They’re better than Justice Beaver (someone made cupcakes for his bday today. there were left overs in the dorm kitchen. they even had Justin Beiber napkins. SMH).

Okay that’s all from me for now.
Peace out!


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