Get Me a Pen!

26 Feb

Signing a lease on Tuesday say whaaaat!?

This is so crazy

So, that ^^^ happened last week. I still can’t believe that I can now say that I have a house! I only lease it, and the contract is just for one year, but I still feel accomplished and grown-up!

These past two weeks have all been pretty busy. Not many fun stories came out of them…. Well, I guess Valentines day was interesting. I woke up really sad, mostly because it was 9:30 and I had a tummy ache and I missed my class. But, I took on the day and put on my red sweatshirt and ate my breakfast alone. It was great. Then I had two other classes and one included a test. bleh. But, my teacher redeemed herself by giving us mini gummi bear packages when we finished the test. They were so cute that I couldn’t eat them for a day. Then I went straight to my house (even though it’s not technically my house until July 1, from now on it will be referred to as mine) and took pictures and talked to the girls who live there so I could get all the dirty details my landlord might have not disclosed. I for sure fell in love with the house again. Next, I was off to Zoe’s cafe to chit-chat with the girls I was to be living with so we could discuss finding our 6th roommate. (That is a super long story and is full of drama so I won’t bore you with that) Then, I was late to my own party! The Navs put on an event led by the event teams, of which I am a part of, and it was pretty neat. After the event, there was a dessert social and everybody brought chocolate treats. Once everyone left, which was about 10:45pm, I had a paper to write. Man, now that I think aboutit, my Valentines day was pretty sucky! ha! Anyways, the best part of Valentines day I didn’t even realize happened until the next day. The only things I ate were made of chocolate. I think I am going to start a new tradition of only eating chocolate things on that day, anyone with me?

The time between then and now has not stopped for an hour. Over the weekend, I met with a girl who was interested in being our 6th roommate and then communicated through email and text with my landlord about 20 times to finalize everything. Then Tuesday, February 19, 2013 I signed my first lease! Woop! Woop! I never stop going on Thursdays, and Friday I was on my way to Fort Collins for the Navs Laborers Conference. What an uplifting and knowledge filled weekend that was. I am so blessed to be a part of Navs and to have the opportunity to get off campus and spend time worshipping with hundreds of other college students who love the Lord. It is an experience I wish could happen more often.

And now it’s Monday night. I have my first Math exam tomorrow of which will consist of more paragraphs than numbers. My first big presentation for my Children’s Lit class is due tomorrow and I am super nervous about it. But, there is less than 3 weeks until Spring break! Although, I think it will be warmer here than in Independence… you guys are getting so much snow, this Colorado girl is jealous!

I hope you have lovely weeks and don’t get too stir crazy being snowed in and taking days off of school!


p.s. I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for not sending Valentines. Getting all of yours in the mail just made my day, and now I am very much regretting not being able to brighten your days as you did mine.

p.p.s.I didn’t re-read this, so don’t hate me and my horrible grammar and confusing sentences.

5 Responses to “Get Me a Pen!”

  1. Anthony Moore February 26, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    Hope that math test went well! I took Children’s Lit before, it was fun. Which books are you reading? I had to read Harry potter! haha

    • chrisman2college February 26, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

      The test did go well, thanks!
      Children’s Lit is really cool, we have read The Giver, and I am going to read Savvy by Ingrid Law and The Watson’s go to Birmingham, and possibly The Messenger and The Book Thief by Zusak. All good books, especially HP!

      • Anthony Moore February 27, 2013 at 12:47 am #

        Ohh, nice. You know what, I still have yet to read The Giver (and several other essential books!). I think I read The Messenger a while back…hm. Sounds awesome! Looking forward to more of your posts!

  2. cathy February 27, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

    I read the Giver in 5th I think, and didn’t we read the Watsons go to Birmingham in Ms. Sutherland’s 7th grade English class? 🙂

    Is the Book Thief a children’s book?! Moritz is reading it and it looks sad to me!

    • chrisman2college February 27, 2013 at 11:34 pm #

      Yeah, we read that book in Ms. Sutherland’s class! I loved it- so I’m reading it again.
      The Book Thief is technically a young adult book, but it fits with our curriculum I guess. I don’t want to read it, the first 3 chapters are super sad

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