21 Feb

First, I’d just like to extend a HAPPY SNOW DAY to all who were trapped inside while like 5498 feet of snow accumulated outside. It was a interesting storm.

I woke up super early today because I think I was just paranoid it was going to be really bad outside and I wanted to be sure I had enough time. But actually nothing was really happening weather wise. Around 9ish, the snow really started to get nasty, which included thunder/lightning snow. And since my first class was supposed to start at 11, I was planning on leaving pretty early given the circumstances. Anyway, as most of you know, I don’t particularly like to skip class unless it’s absolutely necessary. This was one of those times. The rest of the morning I watched the Today Show (my guilty pleasure), and Anderson Live. Then the stupid university decided that at 12 o’clock, at the peak of the storm, that they should probably cancel classes and close the university. Probably because a lot of the main roads were just parking lots. But that’s a rant for another day. The point is, I didn’t have to be on campus until 6:30 today. PTL.

Anyway me and Kens were pretty hungry so we decided to walk up to Taco Bell since it was probably not a good idea to drive because most of the roads were still un-plowed and my car was/still is under like a foot of snow. It was was a pretty good snow-venture. Except we almost got run over by a car and it was pretty windy so snow flakes pelted at our faces. Ouch.

Our 2nd snow-venture happened around 6. Kendyl was getting REAL stir-crazy. So we decided to go build a snowman outside. Snowman plan failed since the snow wasn’t really the greatest for snowman-making. Then we decided to walk to HyVee so Kens could buy a juice box for less than .90 cents (that was all she had). They didn’t have individual juice boxes for sale but luckily they had 2-liter Dr. Peppers on sale for .77 cents!

Also they just announced that all classes are canceled tomorrow. WHAT UP!! Oh and Of Monsters and Men tickets came in today!! 89 days left until the concert!

Last Friday, there was a weinermobile sighting on campus. So me and GBabs and Kens took a little adventure in search of it . When we got to campus it was gone. But we took some cliche pictures with the Columns on the Quad to make up for it. Then when were about to turn on to our street… WE SAW THE WEINERMOBILE turning the other direction!!! I might or might have not made an illegal U-Turn, but we followed it to the hotel we think they were staying at. And while the drivers went inside to check in, we took some pictures with the weinermobile. Not going to lie, it was pretty awesome.

Today I stumbled upon this video from the Today Show. Not going to lie, I cried a little bit from laughing so hard. Two of the many British things I love!

“The way you do your hair gets me flabbergasted.” BAHAHAHA.


PS. Nick is alive.  You may be lead to believe otherwise since he hasn’t blogged in about 3 months. I saw him with my own eyes the other day. lol.

2 Responses to “Snow-tivities”

  1. Morgan Sandberg February 21, 2013 at 10:57 pm #

    “and now I’ve seen everything…!”
    That video was great. haha
    Also, I’m super jealous of your snow days! I hope you don’t get cabin fever

  2. onemunchingmomma February 25, 2013 at 8:18 am #

    Send some of that snow our way! How we would love even two inches of it!

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