Let’s Roll

11 Feb

Things to accomplish this week:

  • Find a house
  • Send out my Valentines
  • Call my parents (haven’t talked to them in awhile land I need more help in house hunting- its scary)
  • Write my “This I Believe” essay (Do you all remember doing this in Thompson’s class?)
  • Finish hanging all my photos and postcards
  • homework
  • Study with (cute) boy for a Meteorology test on Thursday
  • Analyze two post-modern picture books
  • Find a math tutor
  • Meet with my English professor

Yeah, so, let’s not forget I still need to go to class and do everyday homework and go to Bible Study and prep and execute a Valentine’s Day party and hopefully go to the gym to release some stress. Let the week begin! ….well right after I catch up on Glee and The Bachelor… I know, I’ve got my priorities straight!

So, if you all see me on facebook or pinterest or twitter or whatever, yell at me to get back to my list! I’m going to need help staying focused this week.


p.s. I wish I would have written my This I Believe essay in high school…. because then I wouldn’t have to work so hard on it now. I am having so much trouble finding the one thing I believe in and writing about it, plus I am super scared to go into class and have my peers edit it- especially because most of them won’t agree with what I have written so far! -Tangent- One kid wrote about how they believe that going to college and following society’s view of how the world works is stupid and that no one should be an art major- um hello! You are in college right now! Sorry to burst your bubble.

p.p.s I hope you all have a fun Valentine’s Day, but more importantly, that your Ash Wednesday is even better!

3 Responses to “Let’s Roll”

  1. Did That Just Happen? February 11, 2013 at 7:58 am #

    That’s quite a list – Good Luck!

  2. chrisman2college February 11, 2013 at 12:50 pm #

    Morgan, whatever you write can’t be worse that what Garrett Ogle wrote for his “This I Believe” essay in Ms. Thompson’s class.

    “I believe in the power of family and that family is the most important thing in life. When I turned 16 my dad bought me a brand new truck. For Christmas my grandpa bought me brand new baseball bats. My grandma bought me new fishing poles and golf clubs. I love my family and they are so important to me.”

    And that was pretty much the whole content of his essay, how much he loved his family because they always buy him stuff.

    LOL what a joke.


  3. thatcosmiclove February 12, 2013 at 8:55 am #

    Good luck with the list, you can do it! 😉 And happy valentines and a meaningful ash wednesday to you. 🙂

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