Duty Time.

12 Oct

Hey guys!

I’m on call. Chillin’ in the lounge. I thought I would blog, since I haven’t in a while. XD So Monday I got up at 5:30 in the A.M. to do P90X. Success. I then went to organic chem II, fell asleep in diff eq, and went to chemE thermo to find out (for the third time) that my teacher did not have our tests I took 3 1/2 weeks ago graded. Then chatted with my boss about hall drama for 1 1/2 hours (my favorite part of the day), and went to biology and biology lab where we suffocated mice for four minutes to see how much oxygen they had in them. I refuse to get another C on a biology test, so I have been studying the past two weeks for this sucker. I better get an A. Staff meeting at 10:10. Tuesday, P90X again, then, organic lab. We made a Diels Alder product! Show Exshiting…74.8% yield!!!!!!!!!!! …then I taught FIG class. on networking and entrepreneurship. oh boy. then another meeting. more studying. Wednesday: crawfish lab. Thursday: research til 11… lab lecture at 5. root beer kegger and fake cop bust at 6. Had root beer for the first time in six years. YOLO. H2O pong was pretty legit. I’m pretty sure I won every game. Sand activities (frisbee and volleyball) until 12:30. Woah. slow down there Nick. Friday (today): Rebecca Black. Research. Volleyball. CHICKEN SPAGHETTI 🙂 Marshmallow Brownies…aww yeah (they were so good).

Recapping on Cathy and I’s creeping: we found this awesome website (actually Cathy did) where you can go see property values on houses, who owns them, their life story, etc. Tool one of stalking. http://www.city-data.com/. In concert with WhitePages, google Maps, and Morg, we made it to our destination. We did not see two teal cars in the driveway, so we haven’t determined if they’re official or not. We’ll keep you updated.

Note about “it:” While I’m trying to understand the transition “it” is taking, not everyone (in fact, 99.999% of the U.S. population) does not want to know about your obsession with breasts, your back hair, or your ever-lowering vocal cords. Please keep that in your medical journal. I’m sorry, there’s just a fine line when it comes to public filter, and that line has been leaped over. and over.

Walking Dead is back on in 2. DAYS. 🙂

Did you guys hear that oxygen and magnesium are together? OMg.

I’m so ready for this awful year to be over.


P.S.: Did you get the full circle ending? ha. ha. hahaha. ha.

2 Responses to “Duty Time.”

  1. cathy October 12, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    I just like how you wrote “Show ExSHITing” 😉

    AND YOU DRANK ROOTBEER?! Omg Nick you broke your no-pop rule! Sew proud of you.

    • chrisman2college October 13, 2012 at 10:19 am #

      actually i didn’t even realize i did that. lol. duty time, pooped, this is too much.

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