Cake Balls, Milkshakes, S’mores, Cake, Ice Cream, Rootbeer Floats, and Brownies

26 Sep

Hey friends! In case you’re wondering, I’m most likely diabetic after this past week but I just love sugar so I can’t really help it.

Friday was Moritz’s birthday and I took a nap while I waited to skype, but he was too busy with his friends so we didn’t. That was okay though, I was glad he was having fun. At 5 there was a cookout/block party in College Park, which is where most of the upperclassmen apartments are. “Most” meaning “all of the apartments except for Summit Park apartments, which is where I live.” But we were still invited. There were hamburgers, chips, a four-square tournament for a Kindle Fire which I did not participate in, and a musical chairs game for cake balls, which I did participate in but sadly did not win. Someone gave me one though. Then I went back home to my apartment and my roommate Deidre was having a cookout on the lawn for her birthday which was Saturday. Caitlin and I gave into our sugar craving and went to Potter’s House that night. I stayed awake until 2, at which time Moses called me.

Saturday Caitlin and I went to go volunteer at a mobile adoption with the animal shelter. That means they take a few pets to Petsmart and sit outside and see if any Petsmart customers going in and out decide they want to adopt a pet. 3 pets actually got adopted out of the 12 that they brought, so that was nice!


When I got back, I talked to Moritz who was having a really bad day… he had gone to Heidelberg to visit for the day since he’ll be starting school there next month, and when he got home he got in a fight with his dad. I was trying to make him feel better but we actually got into a fight about something we have had disagreements about in the past, which usually ends up with me getting my feelings hurt. So that’s what happened, and then he went to bed and I was still upset.

Caitlin and I went to Deidre’s house which is 5 minutes away because her parents were having a cake and ice cream celebration, and we were like free cake and ice cream hell yeah. Then I went to the Kappa Delta bonfire with her, which wasn’t that fun because I was still kind of in a bad mood about the fight and all the people there were pretty annoying. And when we got home at 12:30 Moses struck again.

Sunday I woke up and Moritz apologized for what he said the night before, and eventually we made up and moved on with life. I’m trying to be understanding because I know the fact that 1 month has passed was hard on him.  That day I also cleaned the bathroom and did my Spanish homework before 2am for the first time all year.

Monday I went out to buy some ingredients for me and Caitlin to make the snack for Authentic Ministries tonight. Here’s what we’re making: and Also on Monday night was Keg on Campus (the way it was advertised spelled Campus with a “K” but it makes me shudder to think about that blatant misuse of spelling protocol so I did not follow suit.) Basically a police officer talked about why you shouldn’t drink and drive, and then in the middle we got free root beer floats in free mugs. At that point about 3/4 of the people left. Also I ended up participating in the drunk Olympics, wearing those drunk goggles. I ran into the table and that was embarrassing because I knocked all the mugs down and everyone laughed at me.

Last night I had a dream about this guy who asked Kendyl to help him pick out some pads for his daughter. Basically I dreamed that I was you, Kendyl. And everything happened exactly the way that you described it. Except this guy was a lumberjack, I think.

Finally, I heard this song on the radio today and I was really jamming.

P.s. I don’t really know where to add this in, but Moritz said his aunt’s birthday present to him is that she is booking us a hotel room in Berlin for New Year’s… from December 20 to January 4 and she doesn’t care if we use it the whole time or just for a few days 🙂

One Response to “Cake Balls, Milkshakes, S’mores, Cake, Ice Cream, Rootbeer Floats, and Brownies”

  1. Kendyl September 27, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    I’m glad you had the opportunity to relive my experience through your dream! LOL (

    Also I am a big fan of that song, the soccer guys used to always sing it on the bus last year lead by Forrest.

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