it’s shark week

17 Sep

It’s not shark week. I have no clue when shark week is.. but I like shark week.
Today I turned in my resumé for Aspen Leaf fro yo. So hopefully I will know by next week if I have a job. I kind of decided last minute to apply again (I applied last year and I never heard from them- so unprofesh), plus my roommate really wants me to work there so I can give her a discount. That’s fine with me because I think it’s nasty- but I will never say that out loud, only on the internet where no one will ever read these words. And I think I should get the job since I just worked at a fro yo place all summer long. We’ll see….

Also, today was the first community service project that my team in Navigators prepared. It was a hit! We gave away oreos and lemonade for free in a breezeway in the middle  of campus. I got to head up this project, so I am pretty excited that it was successful and that the Staff thought it was a great idea. Feels good to be on this high horse for a lil bit.

Sunday night, our friend Amanda came over for dinner. Usually this is no big deal… but Kendal fixed dinner- and that’s huge! See, K can  boil water and that’s about it. So spaghetti was perfect, and it turned out well. The only thing that wasn’t so cool was that the pasta sauce exploded a little bit so it was really messy. Amanda is a year older and she is the coolest person ever. She has the same dating views as Tori and I (pretty much she hasn’t ever had a bf before and is very conservative) so we always have things to talk about. Plus she is just now dating her very first bf so she’s an inspiration! ha

Thursday I took a trip to our clinic. This was not the first time I’ve been there. I don’t know if you can recall, but last semester I had to take Kendal there because her face landed on a waffle maker. So- clinic- took me and hour and a half to actually see a doctor (my ear wasn’t working, super weird) and she told me I had nothing wrong with me. Well I would like to revoke that doctor’s license because guess what, I’m sick.
So far, this year is just a glitter and rainbows.


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