Literally Black Friday

12 Sep

Hi again, see isn’t it nice how I’m actually blogging? (cough nickandderek cough)

So the majority of this blog post is going to be about last Friday, just a little spoiler alert.

On Friday at 2:30, I had my job interview at the Park Board, which is basically like a YMCA for Springfield. It was just for a desk position but I was dressed really cute and I looked very professional. I sweated balls on the way there because it was about 573635049128 degrees. When I got there, I sat down to wait for the interviewer and then another girl came in and said she was there to interview with someone else. She was wearing a knee-length polo shirt (aka not tucked in), khakis, and slightly looked as if she hadn’t brushed her hair. Hopefully first impressions are a big deal to the people doing the hiring. But apparently they are hiring all positions for a new recreation center so maybe I have a good chance!

At about 4:30 and I was wanting to mail Moritz’s birthday package to him. However, my aunt had sent me a package and I needed to pick it up at the Springfield package-holding-station because I wasn’t home when they delivered it. At this post office, I don’t think you can actually mail anything from there, it was only open until 5:00, and was on the other side of town. I also needed duct tape for Moritz’s package, and the post office closer to Drury was open until 5:30 so this was my plan: go to post office #1 before 5:00, pick up my package, go to Walgreens, buy duct tape, tape Moritz’s package in the car, mail the package at post office #2 before 5:30. Sounds perfect right?

As soon as I arrived at post office #1, I heard tornado sirens. Hooray, I know. I also got an emergency text from Drury saying “Tornado warning for Springfield area, seek shelter now! Avoid windows and doors!” Great, I’m in the middle of nowhere at a post office. I picked up my package and got in the car, and started on phase 2 of my plan – go to Walgreens. Well by the time I got to the stoplight next to Walgreens about 5 minutes later, the sky was completely green and I could tell it was hella windy because the leaves were blowing very vigorously (!) all over the place. And the clouds were moving very quickly from the direction where Walgreens was. I decided to try and get back to Drury and outrun the storm.

But then it started pouring rain. So heavy and fast that I couldn’t even see. I called my mom to talk to me on the way back because I was so scared. I hit every damn red light too. When I finally made it back to the apartment, I sprinted inside (while getting soaking wet) and went up to my floor but all my roommates were gone. Caitlin’s keys were here and that confused me, so I went downstairs and knocked to see if everyone decided the bottom floor was safer. Nothing. I went back upstairs to the bathroom because I figured that was nice and sturdy, closed the door, tried to flip on the light – the power was out. I called Caitlin and apparently everyone in our house had gone to the student center basement. Then she told me a tornado had touched down in Springfield. So basically I was left to die alone.

I had Moritz call me while I waited to get swept up by the tornado, and he talked to me until I heard Caitlin, Kayla, and Tobi shrieking as they ran through the rain back into the house. That was funny.  Apparently two trees came down on campus, one right on a power line. So from about 5:00 on, we couldn’t eat anything because 1. we couldn’t open our fridge or else everything wouldn’t stay cold, 2. we couldn’t use our stove because we had no electricity, 3. the cafeteria wasn’t open because they didn’t have power either, and 4. it was still too scary outside to go anywhere to eat.

Caitlin had dance tryouts at 6 in the O’Reilly Center which somehow had power, so I whiled away the time in my dark apartment by playing Hearts and Chess on my laptop with its little battery life. (I had no internet either). It was like the stone ages. Only in the stone ages they were actually allowed to have fire, I believe. No candles allowed in the apartment, as Drury so helpfully reminded us when they texted us about the power outage at 8pm, as if none of us had noticed.

When Caitlin came back we decided to go out to eat because we were starving and being in the dark was making us crazy. We went to IHOP at like 10 and afterward met with some friends at a coffee house downtown. They invited us to stay the night because most of the upperclassmen housing had power, in college park which was on a separate power grid. We were going to go until we decided we were too lazy to pack things in the dark, so we just dragged our mattresses in the living room because Caitlin was afraid to sleep in her dark room alone. How this is different than any other night when she sleeps in her dark room alone, I don’t know.

Saturday morning we woke up around 8:30 and the power was back on! Then we had to go to a meeting at the animal shelter at 10. That was fun! I start volunteering later today and I am so excited!

Sorry this was so long, I hope you found the story of my apparently imminent demise interesting. It was fun to write.


One Response to “Literally Black Friday”

  1. chrisman2college September 12, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

    I did enjoy your story! And it just reminds me how much I miss tornado season and that green sky… well kind of not really. Glad you all are safe- I had no clue there was a tornado in Springfield last week!

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