Monday (not really, sorry guys)

11 Sep

I made brownies today in between classes. We have no toothpicks for checking if they are done so I had to use a bobbi pin. That’s crafty, right?!

The past 2 weeks have been a little stressful. K, T and I are having trouble making decisions quickly. For example, last week we went to Ikea to buy a tapestry or something to go behind our couch because everything is ugly in here… SO, we bought a curtain with some tree on it and it took 3 hours to put it up. 3 hours! ugh Same thing happens when trying to figure out what to do with groceries,  furniture, the fan, dishes, and even the temperature of our living space. We’ll figure it out soon enough.

Bad news: I already slept through a class. But I don’t know how because it was my 10am class! and I have an 8am… so confused.

Well I would love to show you all pictures of my cool place, but I have not taken a picture of anything.

I don’t really know what to tell you guys, I’m so out of the blog loop that my mind is drawing a blank on fun stories. And I am so sorry that I missed my day to post. Everything is happening all at once. I feel like I’m turning into Nick and becoming anti-social with my MO friends. It is so hard to keep up and I’m not even taking that many classes! I did realize today that I have a textbook for each of my classes with assigned chapters to read each week for every class. That is so much reading. Plus I have 2 extra novels to read, a quiz to take every week, a paper to write at least every other week, and exams strewn into that whole mess. Did I mention these are seriously all 100 level classes. So why am I complaining…? Because I have no passion for these studies. (Plus most of this is just busy work) I don’t know how all of you are feeling about school… I mean Kendyl and Megan, I’m sure you are excited about your town house and big college life, and Cathy you have an apartment and an awesome community project to work on with great friends, and Nick you have the new experience of being an RA, (Derek, sorry you have to stay home for now, but excitement is in your near future!) but right now, school is just a hassle. Hopefully things will turn around soon, but for the time being my excitement is seriously no where to be found. Sorry.

Well I hope I didn’t put a damper on your day. But this is my wonderful life right now and I just needed to be real. I miss you guys so much! I think I might be a little homesick/friend-sick which is a new thing for me.

peace-out girl scout


3 Responses to “Monday (not really, sorry guys)”

  1. cathy September 11, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    Aww, Morgan, I am friend sick for you as well! I hope things start going a little better for you! This year seems a lot more overwhelming for me too.

  2. cathy September 11, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    P.S. I really enjoy that your only tag on that post was “toothpicks”

  3. morgan September 14, 2012 at 12:06 am #

    Thanks Cathy. Overwhelmed is the word of the year. I at least tried to keep the tagging uplifting 🙂

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