It’s a tennis-ey post.

6 Sep

Hey guys.

Not going to lie. Almost forgot to blog. Whoops.

On Friday driving home through the hurricane was ridiculous. Me and Kendyl car-touraged back to Indep. And it probably didn’t help that we were driving back though rush hour. There were times you could seen too far out in front. My hands were at 10 and 2 pretty much all the way back. It was a scary experience.
Labor Day weekend was ight. I worked a lot. Worked for the last time at the marina. Went up to SCG a couple times. Slumped around Pimpdence. NBD.

On Tuesday morning, I actually got up early to drive back to CoMo for my 9:30 class. That wasn’t the greatest trip back. It was down pouring rain around Concordia. I got back just in time to use the bathroom in McD’s right off 70 in Columbia and make it to the parking lot just in time to catch the shuttle to campus. I got to class just in time. Did you know that some KC radio stations make it all the way out to CoMo? It gets super spotty in some areas and sometimes you just get static. But it makes me happy bc Columbia radio SUCKSSSS. Also, saw a lawyer about my speeding ticket on Tuesday. I was wanting to pay it off… legit. My dad wanted me to pay it off. But my mom wasn’t having any of that. Meh. My mother. Smh.

Yesterday me and Kendyl went to check out the tennis tryouts for the club/rec team. We sat in the parking lot for like 10 minutes trying to get the courage to walk out there. We were both nervous and it didn’t help that most of the people walking onto the courts looked really good. Anyway so we get up there and turns out we can’t tryout because we don’t have the right type of tennis shoes to be on the courts. They’re picky about that stuff apparently (I think they just resurfaced the courts, so I guess it’s kind of understandable). But we were both wearing “running shoes” blah blah blah. So we talked to the “president” of the club about the Rec team. We still have to try out, unfortunately. I just want to hit some balls people! I don’t want to take it too seriously… sheesh. But I guess they’re having another tryout session on Sunday. Kens is really wanting to do it. I’m like meh at this point. I have actual tennis shoes… but I left them in Pimdence. Might be going back home tomorrow. I forgot some other stuff too anyway….  So after all that jazz of not being able to try out, we drive around Columbia for like 40 minutes looking for tennis courts because at that point, we had already psyched ourselves up to play. When we finally found some non-sketch, nice courts, they were being used by the high school team. AT 9 PM! Who the crap has practices at 9 PM?!! But we decided to go back the next day (today) to hit, and we closed out the night by going to HyVee to get some ice cream. Three words: Ben and Jerry’s. It was delish.

Today we actually went back to hit. I’m already sore and SOOO out of shape. When I haven’t played tennis in a while, I miss it. But once I hit, I realize I hate it. Haha! Nah. I really do love it.

In case you don’t follow me on twitter, where I tweet every 5 seconds during professional tennis matches that are televised, one of my favorite tennis players played his last match yesterday bc he’s going into retirement. I watched the whole match streaming from my computer (no cable sucks when the Grand Slams are on!). It was devastating. I definitely cried. Like puffy eyes and runny nose and everything (no judgement please). In the beginning of my tennis obsession, I basically watched tennis just for Andy. And I would print pictures out of him and tape them to my notebooks and hang them up in my locker in 6th grade. Ahhh those were the days. When he lost yesterday, it was like my childhood/adolescence finally ended. Gonna miss Roddick. He’s da man. Right next to Fed-man. He’s da man too.

Okay well I think I made the deadline of posting on Thursday. I still got quite a bit of HW to make a dent in. Poo.
Later, bros!


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