Imaginary Money Spending Spree!

28 Apr

The last 2 weeks went by really slow. First 2 weeks ago was our school hosted city-wide soccer tournament, which included our club team, the girls soccer team, the football team, the local high school team,  along with other teams consisting of professors and older people. But it was during the day on a Sunday so I had to work, bummer. The club team won the whole thing though going 3-0.

Then Sunday night I realized I had 300 extra dollars in food money when I got my weekly email stating how much meal money have left and how much I was supposed to have. So I went on an epic spending spree with what is basically imaginary money in my mind. I went down to the vending machines in my hall and filled up my backpack with candy and chips then bought every one in the lobby that I knew candy, the next night I ordered 80 dollars of pizza hut, and I also bought a hugely overpriced 24 pack of Red Bull for 70 dollars from the food court.

That Thursday night 2 guys on the third floor of my hall through an end of the year DANCE PARTY in THEIR DORM ROOM. They had a stereo hooked up in one of their closets to save space, and the other closet was filled with water bottles full of different colors of rainbow colored alcohol. They didn’t turn anyone away, people kept knocking on the door and they kept squeezing them. It was a pretty awesome party, dancing at their Dance Party was pretty much just jumping up and down do to the masses of moving body’s around you. I don’t know if any of you have ever seen any of the memes that show cartoon characters puking rainbows, but later that night people were actually puking rainbows from drinking to many water bottles full of colored Vodka, which was pretty cool as far as puke goes. The RA’s in my hall are not super strict but I think they had to of bribed their RA because every body knew party was going on, the music was super loud, and people were constantly loudly entering a room already packed wall to wall with people.

The next week was finals week and I actually studied a lot………….. more than I normally do but still not a lot, but I think I did fine on my finals. Wednesday of finals week was my Advanced climbing facilitators class final, the whole class just teaches you how to teach other people the knots and techniques they need to know to climb. Our final for the class was to supervise and run climbing activities for a 7th and 8th grade field trip out to the climbing facility.  It was pretty fun I actually like working with youth, and it made me feel old. That class has got me really into climbing and in the two days of my summer so far I have already went climbing 3 times at a cliff out at the lake. I also discovered that there is a huge indoor climbing  facility in Blue Springs called IBex, I plan on climbing there a ton this summer.

I’m officially done with classes, my finals have been taken and its time for summer.

Derek Neely

One Response to “Imaginary Money Spending Spree!”

  1. cathy April 29, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    This post made me LOL

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