19 Apr

Hey bros!

On Tuesday, people classified as freshmen registered for classes for next semester. That was super stressful for me because I tend to freak out in those situations, and also a couple of the classes that I wanted to take were on the verge of being completely filled so I had to rearrange several things right before registration opened. And also since everyone seemed to be pressing the “submit” button right at 10 PM, the server crashed. I had to re-click submit like 4 times. And because of that, I’m not sure if I will be getting into the WWII and the Holocaust class. But I’ve been emailing people about it, because 17 is a silly number for maximum number of students. SHM. #smallschoolprobs

Also this week, since I won’t be living in the sorority complex, I’ve been on a search for a roommate for next year. I was originally planning to live with another soccer player, Lauren. We’ve had several classes together this year. But she found out today that she gets to live in the sorority complex. Kim, a girl from our hall, didn’t have a roommate either… until now! So now and a some of other girls from our hall are planning to live in the same building/hall next semester. Totes looking forward to that!

Yesterday was JewellStock. Basically the school brings in a bunch of inflatables (including the obstacle course inflatable from project grad) and everyone just hangs out outside. There was also free cotton candy and free dinner. Well I don’t think it’s really “free” because we’re paying a lot to be here…. I had a lot of cotton candy… Kendyl had significantly more. So she was on a sugar high for quite some time. I also injured myself going down the big inflatable slide because my arm rubbed up against the side of the slide the whole way down. Pretty sure it took off a few layers of skin. It’s a little sore today and I think there are some blisters that formed… Gross.

Today I had a Psych Test. And for some random reason my nose started bleeding in the middle of it. That WOULD happen to me. But it’s a good thing I had some napkins in my backpack. Also today my hall also went to Los Compas for dinner for 3 dollar tacos. Apparently it’s the cool hangout on Taco Thrusdays for Jewell kids because pretty sure a third of our school population was there. And after that we went to Lemon Tree (like Yogurtini, only in Liberty). YUM.

Tomorrow we don’t have classes because it’s colloquium day. So I’ll probably get to sleep in for a little bit, which will be nice. Then this weekend is going to be super busy. Saturday I’m volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House (my sorority’s philanthropy) for a couple hours. Then one of my hall-mate’s wants to go check out a church’s evening weekend service. Then Sunday I work. And I have to be back here for our dorm’s pageant. I’m rapping a small section and dancing for part of our hall’s presentation. It will be awesome!!

Three weeks, bros. Hopefully anatomy doesn’t kill me. Literally. I’m really worried for my sanity and how my brain is going to hold all of that information for the comprehensive final. I hate anatomy. But not as much as I hate the instructor….


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