Snowballs WTF.

10 Apr

Saturday I was standing at work, not doing much because it was drizzly outside and people are pansies and don’t want to rent boats when its drizzly. So I was standing at the cash register admiring the food that I don’t want to buy because I make minimum wage and I’m cheap and I found myself staring at the snowballs. I don’t know what your guys’ opinion on these particular little Debbie treat, but personally I think they are terrible. They have coconut on them (coconut is the devil), which is absolutely revolting, but they make them look so pretty. So, I was just standing there wishing that snowballs tasted as good as they looked.

Saturday after work I went shopping and spent more money than I made, but oh well I needed some more clothes. I got a nice floppy summer hat and a new bathing suite so I am ready for summer! Except I still need to buy a beach cruiser!!!

I was watching Survivor Man with Les Stroud (I don’t know how to spell his name) and decided that we are all going camping this summer (except less intense because I am not about to eat crap like grubs and tree bark).  Or maybe we should eat tree bark #YOLO

The summer after I graduate, I am already planning on going to China, but I also really want to go backpacking somewhere. Maybe Europe or the Appalachian Trail, but it is going to happen. Also I’ve been thinking, I know its three years away and all but I don’t want a real job. I don’t want to be tied down, so I’m planning on staying in school forever (ok that’s an over exaggeration, but I’m at least going for a couple more years)… Maybe I’ll join the Navy… you are guaranteed to be on a Coast right?

Easter was great. I had lots of meat, and I am a big fan of meat let me tell you. I was the first in line for food as always and I gorged myself with ribs, chicken legs, ham, potatoes, and rolls (yes I had to tell you everything I ate).  We hid the Easter eggs for Max and Sam and we hid them extra hard because its fun to watch them wander around with looks of cluelessness.

A month and one day left for me and then I’m free… kind of. I hope these last few weeks of school don’t kill me and that I pass anatomy.


P.S. Today is Tom’s day without shoes, but I’m a fan of shoes so I have a dilemma.

P.P.S. You guys should look at the views by country, we’re kind of big in Malaysia. The Malaysians love us.


One Response to “Snowballs WTF.”

  1. cathy April 11, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    Hahaha! I love your P.P.S. “The Malaysians love us.” Hooray! We’re awesome.

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