Thank Goodness it’s another break

5 Apr

Yep. That’s right. Easter break is here. No classes until Tuesday!

On Friday I went to see the music department’s opera, which was actually super good, and super short, which was also good. Then Saturday I went to see the ballet at the Kauffman. Honestly I was so tired from work that I dozed off a little bit  at the end, and I missed probably the most exciting parts, according to the people I sat around. The beginning was weird because… well I have no other way to describe it other than “it was werid.” Haha. So that was my cultured weekend….

This week in reality was super short since we didn’t have class on Tuesday. But since there was a break waiting for us at the end of the week it of course felt like it was super long. Tuesday we had advising meeting to figure out our plans for next semester. I’ll be taking Chinese. Super excited about that actually. And I’ll also be taking Physiology (if I don’t decided to take it at Blue River over the summer), Pilates, violin, symphony and WWII and the Holocaust, which is supposed to be a really good and interesting class. Anyway, since it was a shortened week, I had no motivation to do much of anything. So I read the Hunger Games and finished it yesterday (basically mine and Kendyl’s room was a “reading hunger games” room because that’s all we did for like 2 days. lol). OMG. It was sooo good. I’m going to see the movie tomorrow in the morning. I’ve been watching Youtube videos on the movie since I finished dinner. Yeah… not being productive.

This week was also initiation week for the newest members of my sorority. Basically they joined after I was initiated. So I was down at the complex a lot this week, and I had to stay at school today until about 7 because today was the BIG ceremony, when I could have left at around noon. That was a bummer. Also I’m apart of my sorority’s team in BOTAB (battle of the air bands), which is a fundraiser for some frat where you dance. Yeah. I didn’t want to but they sort of guilt tripped some girls into doing it because at the first rehearsal there were apparently only 6 girls who showed up. Yesterday’s rehearsal… there was 10, including me. Still kind of pathetic, but oh well.

Anyway, in other news #anyonebutKANSAS. And also Happy Easter!! 😀


One Response to “Thank Goodness it’s another break”

  1. Jeyna Grace April 6, 2012 at 7:48 am #

    Happy Easter to you too!

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