It’s already APRIL

2 Apr

I forgot to blog.
April Fools! I was just really busy and this will be the only “joke” I’ve played on anyone today. Did you all play any tricks on anyone?
Alright so my week was short, but the weekend was long. That has to be the best formula for a week there is.

Monday I had an interview with the baseball coaches about the position of Bat Girl. I think it went relatively well. It lasted a total of ten minutes, but in that time I chatted it up about the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, and found out that the coach’s first declared major was geology- just like me! So I think I made a good impression and I should know about the internship at the end of this week or the beginning of next. I will keep you posted! Monday I also started taking allergy medicine and man it makes me drowsy- so drowsy that all I did Tuesday was sleep.

Wednesday I learned how to tie Bowline on a Bight and a Fisherman’s knot. I also learned how to belay. I feel so cool because I know this stuff. Like for real. I am totally new to all this so I lucked out when my partners during grounds school were pretty much pro-climbers. One of their names is J.J. and he helped me a lot, and I hope he is the one that my life is entrusted upon while I’m climbing tomorrow because he sure knows what he is doing.

Thursday, Kendal and I went to find storage places in Greeley so we can keep our winter and bulky items here over the summer. We had to go to 4th avenue… the train tracks are on 6th avenue. Here’s the number one rule on campus: Don’t cross the train tracks.
Side note- we (The University of Northern Colorado) have a whole website devoted to this on facebook. I think it’s stellar, and if you would like to look at more just search for University of Northern Colorado Meme page. (I don’t really know how to spell that “M” word but, I think you get what I’m trying to communicate.)
Ok so we get to this storage place and no one is there. The gates are locked and it really just looks deserted. The next door neighbors own a huge bloodhound that hasn’t stopped barking since our arrival and all the signs are like hand painted on plywood. If this isn’t sketch then I don’t know what is folks. We tried to find other places but this one is dirt cheap, split between 2 people it will cost $70 and my dad was anticipating $200! This is a steal- I just don’t know if I want to chance my things being stolen. Also on Thursday is Nav Night. After that, Kendal and I went to J.J.’s house because he was hosting a worship night. We got there and I was a little skeptical because I only knew one person there and we aren’t like great friends. But it turned out to be a great experience and I am looking forward to next time.

Friday night was great fun. My hall got together and played Fugitive! I love that almost everyone on my floor is so nice and fun and open and likes to stay sober every once in a while. After 2 rounds, we played capture the flag then hit a couple hitches- there were rule disputes and a couple of cranky folks so we opted to walk to the McDonald’s for snacks instead. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed our fun filled evening outside; we finished the night with the movie Thor. I had never seen it but I am a huge fan now.

Saturday Tori and I spent some time alone and went shopping for Easter stuff. I ended the day with 2 shirts purchased and nothing to wear for Easter.
That leads us to today. Sunday was so beautiful! I had a soccer game at 1 and we won by like 6 against a team of giants. Then I stayed out on the scorching hot turf to watch another hour long game and finished the day with a gnarly farmer’s tan. It’s more like a burn but…. details details…
I will end this post with Happy Palm Sunday, Happy Monday, Happy Good Friday and See you Soon!!

P.S. I have noticed that I really love to use adjectives. I hope that it doesn’t bother you and only adds to your wild reading experience! (See what I did there)

p.p.s. It is so windy here that, even with the windows closed and a fan running, the wind is howling so loud that it just woke up Tori, and that is hard to do once she’s in bed asleep. I hate wind.

p.p.p.s. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU!

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