30 Mar

Sorry about yesterday. Good thing no one really blogs on Friday…..

This week has been really stressful. Actually the past few weeks have been really stressful. But this week especially. Anatomy likes to make my life a living hell. I pulled my first all nighter this week for my anatomy test, which in the end probably wasn’t the best idea. The next day I stayed up until 5:30am writing a paper. And the next night I was up until 3ish studying for my anatomy lab exam. Yesterday was the day I really didn’t have much of anything to do, so I really just did nothing, and I actually went to bed before 2, which I don’t think I have done in a while.

On a positive note, I’ve eaten breakfast more times this week than I have the whole semester. And yesterday was steak night! It’s still not the greatest, but it definitely beats the regular food options.

This week was also Greek Week. On Sunday there was a speaker on abuse/bullying. That was interesting… kind of boring. And all I could think about for the most part was how I should be studying for anatomy. But because it was required for all Greeks to be there I was there… Tuesday was the Greek God/Goddess pageant. Yesterday was the Greek Olympics. All the Greek chapters were divided into teams and they just did like relays. It was held in the Mabee Center which doesn’t have AC. So a couple hundred people packed into the gym and everyone moving around was not the greatest without AC. Tonight there’s a Toga Party, but I don’t think I’m going because I have to go home for work tomorrow (yaaaaay…).  But after work tomorrow I’m going to see a ballet!! Supps excited for that!

But yeah, that’s pretty much all that’s happened this week. I’m so ready for it to be summer, guys. No joke.

Keep it classy, bros.


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