Its Hot in Here!

26 Mar

Last Sunday-Thursday I was in Colorado with my dad for my spring break, I wish I was still there. Monday I Snowboarded at Loveland Basin from open to close as a warm up for Tuesday. Tuesday I Snowboarded at Keystone, first when you get there you have to ride a Gondola up to the top of the mountain which took 5 minutes (I felt like I was going to the top of Mt. Everest). Then you get off the Gondola and go down the backside of the mountain which takes forever because keystone is huge it makes Loveland look like Snow Creek. I boarded at Keystone from open to close and probably didn’t even ride half the trails, it was awesome. Wednesday I went Breckenridge from open to close crossing it off my bucket list. I thought Keystone was awesome but Breckenridge is amazing, while I was there I rode the Imperial Express chair lift like 20 times. It’s the highest chair lift in north america ending at 12,840 feet, riding it was also on my Bucket list. When you get off the Imperial Express lift you can hike/climb 50 yards to the summit of Peak 8, I did this 5 times and had to sit a rest at the top like an old man every time. Then to get down you have to board loose snow on a super steep Double Black Diamond slope, it was pretty Zesty.I have started working at the marina and I have to say I love my job. I get free soft drinks, slushy’s, discounted food, and I work on with and around boats all day, that’s awesome.

Also I was told today on my first day back from break that the Air Conditioning will probably not be turned on in my hall until next semester when I wont be here, fml. There is no where in Dieterich hall to escape the heat, its hot every where, and even some of the academic buildings don’t have a/c, which pisses me off because I pay a lot of money (6,748 dollars exactly) to live on campus in Dieterich, and even more to attend classes so the least NW could do is keep all their students from dying of heat stroke.I only have a month left though then I am done, and I cannot express how ready I am to get outa here!

Peace, Love, and Sweaty’ness

Live A Little


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