13 Mar

Last Wednesday was the first time everybody in my climbing class got to climb^. We were put into groups of 3, I was in a group with 2 girls I did not know. Then we were given our harnesses without instruction on how to put them on (sketch). Next somebody from each group had to climb first the two girls elected me to my displeasure (Sexist). I am not scared of heights, and I enjoy climbing pretty much anything, but I was a little scared because the only way to get down form the top of the 50 foot tower was to be belayed (lowered) down by which ever partner you were hooked to by the rope. The girl in our group I was hooked to was half my size and half my weight (Sketch Sketch), I don’t know a lot about physics but that scared me. So I got hooked up tied my self in and pretty easily climbed to the top of the tower, but to get down I had to sit down and scoot myself off the edge of the top platform 50 feet off the ground so the rope could catch me and my partner could lower me to the ground using the techniques we were taught. But as I scooted of the edge I looked down at her face and saw a look of confusion, horror, and terror as if she didn’t remember what she was taught about controlling my descent  to keep me from plummeting to the ground (Sketchy, Sketch, Sketch).

She was not doing this^, no smile, and brake hand was off rope

But I whispered Live A Little to my self and slid off the edge anyways and well I am still alive so she did safely remember how to lower me down.

I start work at the Marina this Saturday at 7 am which is fantastic because I am almost broke. Also my spring break is next week (Holla).

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Live A Little




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