Home home home!!!

11 Mar

Hey guys I’m home! Let’s see, me week was ‘ight.

Sorry but this is going to be a short and boring post. Although I am typing this from my sister’s iPad which I think is super cool.  I have already had some fun on spring break. Friday night I went to a church friend’s house and saw The Wedding Planner and got to spend time with 4 girls I hardly get to see and had a blast! Then Saturday I had a major scare…. I thought the Saturn was going to explode and almost had to cancel my trip to Springfield. But the problem was just a piece of plastic making a terrible noise. So after getting new tires and being told just to ignore the noise, Kelsey and I were on our way! Cathy showed us around campus which is super cute! Then Lambert’s home of the thrower rolls. Had a run in with the roll guy and a ceiling light, you had to be there.  Then hours later when we could finally move again, we headed to The Cup for some great cupcakes and some very interesting artwork. It was a great  weekend and I wish I could  visit all of you at college and enjoy all the perks of each of your college towns without actually going to school there lol.

The next few days are going to be fun and I hope to see you all.



P.S. I really like Hiboys and don’t get to eat there ever so we should go there

P.P.S. Today was selection Sunday and thus  the official beginning of March Madness!!!!

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