I get the most mail

26 Feb

Favorite quote of the week: “You get the most mail out of anyone I know” – Ian (my RA)

This is what happened this week

Monday: Bible study night. We are covering Hebrew. And this next week we will sharing our testimonies with the group which I am excited about because I will get to know everyone better, but I am also dreading this because sharing your testimony with people you don’t really know that well is hard and mine is just real not the most cheery thing. Ha well I don’t know if that matters… actually it doesn’t but this is what girls think about. Also, Monday night was the Bachelor and Ben kicked off Kaci B. STUPID! I hate Courtney with all my heart. Why is she still there! ugh.

Tuesday: Lab practical time. (And for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘practical’ it is the same as a lab exam, but we just call it a practical). I was so nervous that I couldn’t study. Which is probably the worst thing ever, but oh well. Despite my lack of studying, I think I faired fairly well. (What an awful sentence but I am leaving it). I stayed in lab until everyone was gone and then asked my TA to like quiz me on all the test questions which actually means he just gave me all the answers and I thought it would make me feel really stupid, but it didn’t which is great! That was a run-on sentence I think. oops

Wednesday: I slept all day. I don’t know why, but I just ignored my alarm and slept until one in the afternoon. It felt great, but then I felt really guilty about skipping my bio lecture. I also had to write a critique on the play I saw a week ago, and I waited until one hour before the class to write it, bad idea, but it’s done and I will have a grade and I liked it.

Thursday: Realized that the last day to sign up for intramural soccer was friday.

Friday: Found 7 people and signed up for outdoor intramural soccer just in time. Also my TA for bio was teaching in my bio lecture so I went to it and he only took up 30 of the 50 min class! That was pretty nice. Another thing, Tori went to Boulder for the night and so that left me with an empty room. I was real lonely. Oh but Stepf was in her room with a boy drinking alcohol. Around 1am Saara was awake and we skyped, I miss her, and then around 2am Stepf was throwing up in the bathroom that I just cleaned! ugh. I really don’t like it when underaged people drink, I guess you could call me a prude, but I absolutely hate it when underaged people can’t hold the liquor they decided to consume then throw it all up. It smells. Real bad.

Saturday: Watched the MU KU game, and KU won!!! Yes! Best day ever. Also, it was about 60 degrees outside so I went out and played soccer in the afternoon. It was wonderful. But the winds here are so strong, and every day that it is warm and enjoyable the winds just make it cold again. I have decided that I can only live in a place that is warm with light breezes and no gusting winds ever. Oh and Kendal and I made cookies from a pinterest recipe! The ones where the Oreo cookies are covered in chic. chip cookie dough. Holy cow, they are delicious.

Sunday: Went to church then to brunch. I saw one of the 5th floor hotties eating brunch and he actually acknowledged my presence. This should happen regularly since we played on the same indoor soccer team for 2 months, but after Christmas break he has not spoken to me (and we always eat dinner at the same time  around the same area and everyone else at his table exchanges small talk with me so he just makes everything awk). Wow, I sound really stupid right now, but this is what I think about sometimes. ha.

Prospects for the week to come: I will finally not be sore from skiing; it will be March and that means Spring break is like 10 days away!; is it sad that I only have 2 things to be excited for in a week? I hope not.

Talk to you all soon! Since I gave up Facebook for lent, I feel really unconnected from the world, so if anything ultra exciting happens…. put it on Google+


p.s. I really can’t wait until Spring Break and I know I will see ALL of you then! March 9th-18th if you need reminding (;

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