Treat Yo’ Self

14 Feb

Sometimes you just have to “Treat yo’ self”

So I decided to treat myself to a snowboard. You may be thinking “What the hell Kendyl, you live in Missouri,” and I am completely aware. The thing is I’ve only snowboarded once, but I loved it. I sucked, but falling on my butt 100 times was actually really fun (I’m sure staying up is more fun, but I haven’t gotten to that skill level yet.) I also fully plan to win a snowboarding competition one day and maybe be the female equivalent of Shaun White and Morgan will be the female equivalent of a really good skier because I don’t know any famous skiers names(ok so maybe that’s a little out of reach.)

Friday we treated ourselves to a mini road trip, Guano, Lei, Derek, and I drove up to Northwest to visit the Dirty D. Which trust me, the name is very accurate, the whole place smells like ass. Also there was a guy working the front desk who I swear could have been Shaun White’s brother.

I have found out that I love being in the car, although sometimes it might suck, most of the time it is pretty great. The car rides are half the fun of everything.

Sunday night Guano and I (<< look at that grammar :)) stayed up until 4:00am studying for our anatomy quiz in the union. On our way back to the dorm we got to walk through the wonderful snow! Also on Monday it was a snow day miracle and my 7:45am and 12:30pm classes were canceled so the only class I had was Responsible Self at 1:30. Then instead of practice at 3:00 the whole team watched an inspirational soccer movie called “Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story” which was actually pretty good, and better than doing ball skills on the basketball court. Then after my chapter meeting Guano, Lei, and I made a super sexy snowman which we named “Mittens Romney” and did some seductive poses with him 😉 << winky face. And now I’m at the perch treating myself to a caramel macchiato… and a Dr. Pepper.

I also forgot one of the best things that happened was we learned the real meaning of Zesty from Urban Dictionary. Zesty- adjective used to describe someone that has done something gay. The example they gave was “You got on a pink shirt!? You ol’ zesty ass nigga!”

Here are some of my current favorite songs. I’m showing this to you because some people that only listen to rap, Katy Perry, and Justin Beiber need a little help finding good music, but I tried not to single anyone out there.

1. Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye

2. Tongue Tied- Grouplove

3. Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

Sometime this week I plan on making my bucket list that way I can cross things of when I accomplish them!

Keep it Classy wherever you might be.


P.S. I was going to write about things that were trending on yahoo, but I have no interest in most of those things, so here is a purple squirrel that was trending a week ago.

Purple Squirrel

5 Responses to “Treat Yo’ Self”

  1. neelyderek February 14, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    Saturday I am teaching you how to do backside turns on your snowboard, then I am teaching you to jib, then you will be a pro. The Dirty D doesn’t all smell bad. And you totally singled me out! You know what I like rap, and I don’t listen to much Katy P or J biebs anymore but i still like them. Also Mac Miller and Asher Roth are the Shizz and you cant stop their rise to the top of the music world.

  2. chrisman2college February 14, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    One, I’m ready to be pro and get some sponsors.
    Two, don’t even try to deny the stench of the Dirty D.
    Three, I said that I wasn’t singling anyone out. It’s not my fault you happen to like all of those things.

  3. Morgan Sandberg February 14, 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    treat yo self is my favorite thing ever!
    I haven’t even read the rest yet (don’t worry, I will) but I just had to tell you that i love that video!

  4. Morgan Sandberg February 14, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    This post was hilarious, Kendyl!
    THe grammar was super great too 😉
    I also love the song Somebody That I Used to Know, the remade video I posted on my wall a week or so ago and it is so cool. Also, I really like Kate Nash- you might too. (Especially the song Merry Happy)

  5. Kendyl Laughlin February 15, 2012 at 12:27 am #

    I just looked her up and I like that song! Her song foundations I’ve heard before I just never knew the name of it or who sang it.

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