31 Jan

In honor of Shaun White’s Perfect 100 score, 100 things that were great about this week (in no particular order… well except for the first… it is actually the best).

1. Seeing Shaun White in person.
2. Witnessing Shaun White make history with the first perfect 100. Ever!
3. Going through Formal Sorority recruitment.
4. Getting compliments on my outfit by 2 gay guys (because we all know they have great style).
5. Dressing up.
6. Staying up for 36 hours strait.
7. Sitting in the hot tub after staying up for 36 hours.
8. Making it just in time to hear Awolnation sing “Sail” (one of my favorite songs).
9. Checking into my first hotel.
10. Driving on I-70.
11. Driving for the longest time I ever have, 4 hours!
12. Peeing on the side of the highway, with a great view of windmills, instead of a creeping gas station.
13. Receiving a Bid from Zeta Tau Alpha ☺
14. Getting a Swag bag from ZTA.
15. Strawberries and Bunnies. (ZTA “mascots”)
16. Sitting in the ski lodge with Megan and Lei. (even though I wish I could have been snowboarding.)
17. Megan telling us that Shaun White dropped out.
18. Finding out that it was just slope style, he was still doing superpipe.
19. Singing obnoxiously loud to Smash mouth.
20. Infinity shot gun because I am 6 damn feet tall.
21. Wanting to murder Cody.
22. Saying “Supes Asian”.
23. Redbull.
24. White converse (just because they’re new and I love them).
25. Working in the library.
26. Skyping with Saara instead of packing.
27. Forgetting my tooth brush because I waited until the last minute to pack.
28. Never leaving when we say we are going to.
29. The Roadway Inn.
30. Megan clogging the toilet and having to ask for the plunger from the same cleaning lady 2 days in a row.
31. Pam, Derek’s GPS.
32. Two free redbull’s from a huge redbull truck.
33. Walking 2 miles because we decided it would be a good idea to listen to Cody.
34. Aspen, CO.
35. Shaun White Gum.
36. Car ride conversations.
37. Not thinking about homework the whole weekend… even though I probably should have.
38. The sour is out of my house.
39. The mountains.
40. Being so tired you plop down any park bench you can find.
41. Standing front row along the superpipe.
42. Gingers… well only Shaun White because he is hot (yes I said hot)!
43. Blue and grey.
44. “That shit cray”
45. Disco Pogo.
46. Seeing so many cute snow jackets.
47. Hiking up to hanging Lake.
48. The view from the top.
49. Basically running down the snow covered mountain.
50. The waterfall.
51. The first view of the X-Games slopes.
52. New ID card to get into the complex.
53. Waiting for the bus and listening to some lady go off about missing slope style because of “Gaybirds” who went to the Awolnation concert instead (well that was us).
54. Fruit smiley.
55. My mom’s ski pants, from the 80’s.
56. Seeing the most amazing VW bus EVA!
57. Shaun White’s skinny pants.
58. Seeing the first ever snow mobile front flip.
59. Mittens. My read mittens and Mittens Romney.
60. Laughing at all Cody’s sexist and racist jokes, but also want to kill him.
61. Good friends.
62. My X-Games shirt with moose on it.
63. Bubble Breaker.
64. Swimming while looking at the snow covered mountains.
65. Standing outside for 5 hours strait to watch the superpipe finals, so worth it.
66. Screaming loudly whenever Shaun White was in my view.
67. Watching someone attempt a double back flip, crashing, and braking his arm.
68. Horny Japanese girl and Asian porn (I’ll have to tell you this story if you haven’t already heard it.)
69. Colorado.
70. The Alphabet game, thank goodness for the word zoo.
71. Wool socks.
72. R.E.I
73. Climbing on the rock outside of R.E.I.
74. Phone and Camera Chargers.
75. Comfy clothes.
76. Think Pink.
77. Having snowboarders doing tricks 10 feet away from you.
78. Putting crappy food into your body because its cheap.
79. Mae gwon almost wetting herself in the car.
80. My growing hatred of rap music. Who the hell is this Mac Miller fella.
81. Having my scarf reek of pot… not actually a good thing.
82. Hipsters.
83. Living a little (see Derek I do support this saying).
84. Always managing to drop food on my shirt. I have come to terms with it. Shit happens.
85. Reppin’ KC with my chiefs hoodie and royals t-shirt.
86. Not having to pee in the portapotties at the X-Games.
87. Watching Tosh.O for the first time. It was so stupid, and I still don’t understand why everyone was naked!
88. Swag Wag.
89. Driving through Kansas.
90. Chap stick.
91. Freezing toes.
92. Seeing big horned sheep!
93. Almost perfect weather.
94. Road trips.
95. Overflow of facebook notifications and friend requests.
96. Gas stations.
97. Free Bob Marley Arnie Palmer… that had a warning label, “May cause drowsiness.
98. Pictures.
99. Real life snow.
100. And did I mention Shaun White Shaun White Shaun White Shaun White Shaun White Shaun White!

4 Responses to “100.”

  1. cathy January 31, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    love it!


  2. Megan January 31, 2012 at 10:54 pm #

    17. Sorry bout that bro. Good thing I read it wrong!
    30. I didnt clog it. Cody did. I didnt realize it was clogged until I had to pee. But the cleaning lady was nice! 🙂
    100. AWEEE YEEEAH.

  3. cathy January 31, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

    Haha! I guess I missed 17!!!

  4. neelyderek February 1, 2012 at 12:03 am #

    53. Is Gaper not Gaybird.lol

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