8 Dec

Tomorrow is my last final. It is Math at 8am… Oh man I don’t want to get up to take it. But it’s my last one. Then I have the rest of the day to pack all of my things in 3 small duffle bags, wash my sheets, clean the bathroom, clean my room, clean out the fridge, return books. I totally forgot about returning books until like 4 hours ago. So don’t forget you guys!
Oh and all the people on my floor have decided that freshman 15 is gained during finals week. Here are the reasons why:
1. You are super stressed so you snack a lot
2. You have to study a lot, so you stay up late and this stresses you out and you have to eat some stuff and eating late is bad for you because it like goes straight to fat or something
3. You have to clean out your fridge because the things will stink or rot by the time you come back to school.
4. The snacks you have accumulated will be stale if you leave them- hence you eat them all.
5. If you have the largest meal plan (like I do) then you have lots of extra swipes. So, to use them up you go to the “To Go” part of the cafe and get tons of snacks that you either a) give away to hungry boys and they all love pudding or b) eat them whilst studying late at night
6. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and gives you cookies all the time. It’s great but I hate cookies now.
That’s all folks, back to studying now
Only 2 more days!

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