Seven days left

4 Dec

My countdown seriously started at like 90.. and now it’s at 7! 7 days until I get to see my bed, my sister, the rest of my family, and drive my car, and see YOU! (Well some of you)
Over Thanksgiving break I did not come home, even though I really wanted to it was too expensive to get a plane ticket. I went to Chelsea’s house and played with her 2 HUGE dogs. They are BIG, and I don’t if you guys know this, but I am like deathly afraid of big dogs. Fear overcome! (kinda). Okay, so the food was great, and then we had to come back to school. 20 min out of Greeley we could smell it again. Blah, not the greatest “welcome back to school” smell that exists. The next week went by real fast which is great! That leads to this week:
Monday- Geology Final (cumulative)
Tuesday- finish English paper
Wednesday- English paper due at noon
Thursday- ride the bus to central campus just for fun (never done this before, lil frightened) oh and I have to ride it next semester
Friday- Ethnography due (4 pages… 0 written now), MATH final (also cumulative), pack <3, clean the room, eat dinner out with roomie for the last time this semester, pack more!
Saturday- Wake in the wee small hours of the morning, find my way through DIA by myself, Get on plane, ARRIVE HOME at approximately 3:55pm
I am not opposed to you all coming to the airport and giving me a welcome home parade with balloons šŸ™‚ just kidding.
Oh, interesting thing happened this morning at the dining hall. I wasn't actually there, this happened before noon and I was still in bed but the story is good anyways. My friends, Kendal and Chelsea, decided they wanted waffles. Kendal then decided that she wanted them on her face. (Actually she didn't want them on her face, but it just happened that way) Well Kendal fainted and burnt her face on the waffle iron. She is okay! DOn't worry. Her face is in the healing process. And I learned where the clinic is on campus! Okay, so this morning the story wasn't funny at all, but now we can laugh at it and Kendal approved of this post.
Hmm, well now there are only 6 days left until my plane trip!
Confession: I really want to have a movie marathon this week during finals, like 25 movies this week. SO that's 5 a day. I want to so bad, but this is a terrible idea.

2 Responses to “Seven days left”

  1. Cassie December 4, 2011 at 10:06 am #

    Do not steal my awesome first finals week memory. Mostly, because you have papers to write (which I did not have to) & you need more than flashcards for a math final (which I did not have that semester)..

  2. neelyderek December 4, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    You can write 4 pages in one day, just put it off!

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