19 Nov

The Northwest campus is dead, half of the student population decided go home and skip class monday and tuesday so they could have a longer break. This is the only saturday night I been here that I have not heard about a party or dance or anything, its a ghost town here, also its 30 degrees with 60 mph wind gust (ehh).

I registered for classes thursday at midnight and only got two that I orginally wanted, ropes course and commercial recreation. I am only taking 13 credit hours next semester because all the gen eds filled up in .2 seconds (not kidding). I will have a ton of free time with which I probably wont do anything productive. My grades this semester are not great im pretty sure im going to be on academic probation next semester, mabey that will motivate me (doubt it).

Im still looking into tranfering next year and I have narrowed it down to Northern Michigan, The University of Montana, and Colorado State. Im wanting alittle more to stay at Northwest (just alittle bit). The main reason I want to transfer is because there simply is nothing to do here in your free time, all the schools im looking into tranfering to have outdoor activity clubs, but Northwest doesnt. So me and some other guys are going trying to start one its called the Northwest Missouri State outdoor adventures club (we have a facebook page so its pretty legit). Im going to have to give a speach in front of student senate to get them to vote for us to be official. In the speech I have to tell them what are goals are for the club and what we are trying to accomplish, im going to be honest and tell them that we are going to try to take as many trips as we possibly can to get away from this super boring place so we can have some freakin fun that doesnt involve partys. If this club gets made official I would be president (thats right me president of a organization), and I will probably stay here next year, if its not made official I will likley leave to go to another college, or be a bum (a happy bum) and work at a ski resort.

Today was our first playoff game at MoWest and we won. I get to cross number 93.Rush the field after a college playoff game. off my very long bucket list. I cant wait to cross off number 84. Go to winter X Games, and 117. Meet Shawn White in Jan at the X Games in Aspen, Co (swagggazz).
Live A Little
Peace to yo dreadlocks, Love to your dreadlocks, and Happyness to your dreadlocks
Im pretty sure I made alot of errors in my grammar and I dont care.
Grammar Hippy


  1. chrisman2college November 19, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    You still have to do my dread!

    • chrisman2college November 19, 2011 at 11:31 pm #

      If you let me I will, I will even research it some more to perfect my methods!

  2. cathy November 21, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    Wow! This post was awesome! Academic probation and peace to our dreadlocks!

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