Team Green

3 Nov

My indoor soccer team is called team green. It’s great. And you should see the for real uniforms that we are ordering. Let’s see if I can figure out how to add a link here.
It’s the green tank/legit jersey deal. Pretty hard to see, but this is a picture of our team in action! (And only one member on our team currently owns a jersey but there are 3 people from my team in that picture, just to clarify.)
Well last week was our first game, and we lost by one goal. This week, we played a team that was down a player the whole game and took them into a shoot out. A shoot out in indoor gym soccer…. it was weird. Anyways we chose the wrong people to shoot. However, out of all the folks on our team, I was mentioned to shoot but gave my place quickly away to a girl who was really begging and whiney because she hadn’t scored yet. Oh well, next time we are going to win! (probably)
Oh! In other big news it snowed like a foot Tuesday night! It is cold. 30 degrees and everything is covered in snow. I really want to wear my sunglasses to class.
p.s. I used the proofread button on this post thing, no writing errors were found. Proud grammar nazi right here.
See some of you soon!
countdown: 37 days ’til I’m home!
That’s all,

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