Mizzou happenings

2 Nov

Have you guys had Stride whitemint? it’s real great.

A bit off subject, perhaps, but who cares. It really is great.

Story: Calc 2, as I have said before, isn’t really that interesting. It’s one of those classes you enter and know you are surrounded by invisible dementors. So, the little humor that manifests itself is real great. Today was the first day I’ve seen my professor laugh (and probably the second time I’ve seen him smile). As a requirement for Calc 2, we can only miss up to ten days of class or else we lose 10% of our grade. It’s 9:47 (3 minutes until class is over) and in walks a guy in our class to sign the attendance sheet. Denied.

Also, there’s a kid on 7th floor Gillett whose name is Lucas and loves Star Wars. He likes to duel himself in the study room and gets upset if people walk in on him dueling himself (He stinks too). So guess what he is for Halloween. I was disappointed. Really? Luke Skywalker? Original.

We decided we were going to sneak on top of the building and throw pumpkins off, but for some reason, they figured out people like to go up there and locked the hatch! It was a real let down. So we threw it off the parking garage (Virginia Avenue Garage, a.k.a., the VAG), which happens to house the MU Police Station. Real brave, right?

On halloween we went trick-or-treating at the frats and sororities. We got some real good candy. An old lady (house mom) answered one of the sororities and made them dance for candy. Also, we decided to go up to the 3rd and 7th floors and trick-or-treat in asian accents. It was unintentional, but I kinda feel bad now. We knocked on a door, and before we could see her face, said “twick-oh-twee” and a japanese girl looks out and says “I hab no canny.” I hope she wasn’t offended. It was real great.

I’ll post again soon. Later. -Nick.

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