Snow Day!!

26 Oct

HA! I don’t mind not having a fall break because I get snow days! Yes! (okay, actually if I could have both that would’ve been better….)

This has to one of the best weeks. Let me explain:

This weekend was family/friends weekend, which was kind of a lot to handle… My mom, her friend Kim, my grandma (the cool one), and one of my best friends Shannon came to visit. I loved seeing my family, but they stress me out. But we had a blast. I was exhausted on Sunday night after they left. The best part of the whole visit was having Shannon stay in my dorm with me. Miss that girl. Then Monday the weather outside was gorgeous! A balmy 75 degrees. Tuesday was the first of my indoor soccer games. So pumped for the season. First of all, my team is super hilarious. Plus, to prepare fully for the game… most the boys decided to live up to our team name… green. Anyways, I would like to boast again about my rad soccer skills…. I scored the first goal for my team! Oh and in intramural indoor soccer, girls’ goals are worth 2 points so we started the game with a good lead. I believe I and Sal were the only ones who scored. I am so gloating until our next game. And to top off this great start it’s Wednesday and it’s snowing like CrAzY and the whole campus is closed (besides the dining halls). Oh and since tomorrow is Thursday I have no class tomorrow either! Yes.

Love today. It’s snowing. I love snow. And yes, I do have my Christmas music blasting.

44 days until my Christmas break starts! whoop whoop!

-Morgan (who else would be having a snow day before Halloween?!)

2 Responses to “Snow Day!!”

  1. cathy October 26, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    So jealous! I like what you said about your grandma, “the cool one”, hahahaha. I am so excited for Christmas break! Party party party! Miss you!

  2. livealittleman October 27, 2011 at 1:49 am #

    Im very jelly, please ejnoy the snow for ME!

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